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  ICANN Sydney Preferred Travel Agent’re travelling to the other side of the world and visiting the land ‘Down Under’??

Want to get out and see Australia but don’t know where to start??

Flight Centre (Berry Square) is the Authorised Travel Agent for the ICANN Sydney meeting in June 2009 and has all the advice and experience you need to see this amazing country.

What better opportunity to get away for a few days before or after the conference in Sydney and explore this amazing country.

Whether it’s a day trip during the conference, getting away to enjoy snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef or visiting Ayers Rock and Outback Australia, Flight Centre are the people to give you everything you need.


Catherine and her team from Flight Centre (Berry Square) will have a booth at the ICANN Sydney conference.

However, if you want information now or don’t want to miss out on places, please enter the details below and a representative from Flight Centre will contact you directly.

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