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ICANN Yokohama Meeting Topic - Introduction of New Top-Level Domains: Expression of Interest #12

Posted: 10 July 2000


This is an expression of interest in the creation of .gnu as a new Internet Top Level domain. The owner of the .gnu TLD registry would be the Free Software Foundation. The Free Software Foundation was created in 1985, and has been instrumental in the development of important pieces of the software now used to run the Internet--including much of the GNU/Linux operating system now used by many Internet servers. The GNU project web page,, has additional information about GNU and the Free Software Foundation.

There is currently a shortage of available name space, and the creation of a new .gnu TLD would expand the name space, particularly for individuals and software developers who cannot find the name they want from .com, .net or .org. Also, the creation of a .gnu TLD would permit Internet users to express their support for the GNU project, and to financially support the creation of free software. This would benefit the Internet community directly.

I believe The ICANN staff is currently considering rules and policies for new TLDs. I suggest those rules should permit expansion of the current name space, and enable proposals, like the .gnu TLD, to support the public and defend the public's rights in cyberspace.


Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation

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