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ICANN Yokohama Meeting Topic - Introduction of New Top-Level Domains: Expression of Interest #17

Posted: 12 July 2000

In accordance with ICANN's suggestion of submission of an "Expression of Interest", RNDNetwork Incorporated hereby submits this letter. RNDNetwork Incorporated has established prior use of the gTLD ".rnd", and intends to operate a registry for this and other gTLDs. RnDNetwork Incorporated has been operating .rnd in the ORSC root zone.

RNDNetwork Incorporated envisions a gTLD for use by the research and development community. Registrants might include corporations, universities, individuals and government agencies with an affinity towards research and development. It is the opinion of RNDNetwork Incorporated that the original intention of TLDs was to segregate, BY AFFINITY GROUP, host names on the Internet. The establishment of a .rnd gTLD is in line with this view.

RNDNetwork is investing in systems which will enable the management and operation of gTLD registries, and anticipates the potential for operating .rnd and several other gTLDs. RNDNetwork will examine the ICANN application process, and anticipates moving forward with that process, pending review.

Ged Gasperas
CEO, RNDNetwork Incorporated

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