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ICANN Yokohama Meeting Topic - Introduction of New Top-Level Domains: Expression of Interest #18

Posted: 12 July 2000

Diebold Incorporated submits this non-binding Expression of Interest in accordance with the suggestion to do so by ICANN. Diebold Incorporated will examine the formal application process, when available, and determine the potential at that time.

Diebold Incorporated has demonstrated the use and operation of the gTLD ".atm", and hereby expresses interest in the potential of operation the registry for this gTLD. Diebold Incorporated has been operating this gTLD since late 1998 in the ORSC root zone.

A .atm gTLD could be used for several purposes, including (but not limited to) financial community self-service terminals such as Automated Teller Machines.

Diebold Incorporated also retains an interest in the operation of gTLD registries for other parties to achieve an economy of scale for all parties.

Gene Marsh
Diebold Incorporated

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