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ICANN Yokohama Meeting Topic - Introduction of New Top-Level Domains: Expression of Interest #20

Posted: 12 July 2000


As the Manager of Information Technology for a large urban library I would like to put forward the suggestion that a TLD for libraries be established i.e., .lib.

A TLD such as this would assist libraries in carving out a identity on the Internet (lets face it having a TLD will quickly become a status symbol).

It will allow many libraries to eliminate totally ridiculous domain names. Take my libraries URL - - our customer, staff and partners complain about it -- I would rather have - www.calgarypublic.lib.

More importantly such a TLD will assist libraries in dealing with the extremely complex challenge of moving our institutions forward in the digital age.

Libraries face a very big challenge in the digital age - just about every librarian has had to answer the question "why do we need libraries when their is the internet" I will not even attempt to answer this question rather I would ask you to explore library sites on the Internet be they public, academic, school, government or special libraries and ask yourself whether or not they add value to the content available on the internet. I know they do. Libraries require their own TLD.

Libraries are dedicating scarce resources to put into place current information technologies to enable effective sharing of resources, trained and knowledgeable library staff throughout the communities that they serve, ensuring the delivery of high quality service to customers when and where it is needed, and in the appropriate formats.

Thank you for allowing me to make this suggestion.

Gilbert Bede
Calgary Public Library

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