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ICANN Yokohama Meeting Topic - Introduction of New Top-Level Domains: Expression of Interest #27

Posted: 14 July 2000


This letter is to formally express an interest by Andrew Shoemaker (DBA Jerky Networking Services) to run three new gTLDs. Jerky Networking Services has a primary location at 61 Prescott St. Newton, MA 02460 USA. Jerky Networking Services is aware of a shortage of useful, and meaningful domain names; and believes that the addition of the below mentioned gTLDs will enhance the Internet for the Internet community.


At any given time, IRC networks throughout the world have in excess of a quarter million clients connected to their systems, with an estimated IRC using population well into the tens of millions. Jerky Networking Services believes that this section of the Internet community could be enhanced by the formation of a new gTLD catering to the needs of these users. Jerky Networking services believes that one of the most common uses for the new gTLD will be registration of IRC channel domain names. For instance, lets assume that there is an IRC channel called #ICANN of EFNet. As a home on the web, the maintainers of this channel may want to register a third level domain like icann.efnet.irc.


Jerky Networking Services has setup the SUX gTLD for people wishing to express their dislike of anything. Jerky Networking Services believes that consumer advocacy groups will be one of the largest groups to benefit by the addition of this domain. At this time, many consumer advocacy groups exist, but due to corporations wishing to silence their voices are often forced into using obscure names because the corporation has registered to protect their image. By opening up this new name space, the consumer will once again be able to publicly voice their opinion. The specifics regarding registration have not been finalized, but the plan is to make registration of domains within the SUX gTLD affordable to any Internet user.


The online gaming industry is booming, and as anyone who runs an online casino can tell you all the names are taken. By allowing registration in the gTLD CASINO Jerky Networking Services seeks to provide a home for online casinos.

As a member of the ORSC Jerky Networking Services is committed to the support of additional TLDs. Jerky Networking Services would be more than happy to follow-up with a formal application in the future. Jerky Networking Services has been maintaining a test-bed for the above mentioned gTLDs since as early as November 1996. To visit our fully functional, and 100% automated registration system please visit Jerky Networking Services firmly believes that the addition of the three gTLDs listed above will enhance the Internet experience and be beneficial to the Internet and Internet community.

Thank you
Andrew Shoemaker
Owner Jerky Networking Services

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