Amendment 2 to Cooperative Agreement Between NSI and U.S. Government

1 January 1995

Mr. David M. Graves
Contract Administrator
Network Solutions, Inc.
505 Huntmar Park Drive
Herndon, Virginia 22070

Cooperative Agreement No. NCR-9218742
Amendment No. 02

Dear Mr. Graves:

The referenced Cooperative Agreement is hereby amended in accordance with Network Solutions, Incorporated (NSI) letter dated January 4, 1995.

Under Article 12. Key Personnel, substitute:

Robert W. McCollum and Mark A. Kosters for Alan S. Williamson
Deborah B. Fuller for John Zabluski

The cognizant NSF Program official is Priscilla Jane Huston, 703-306-1950; the cognizant NSF Grant and Agreements Official is Alfred W. Wilson 703-306-1212.



Mary Frances O'Connell
Grants and Agreements Officer

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