Amendment 3 to Cooperative Agreement Between NSI and U.S. Government

1 June 1995

Mr. Dave M. Graves
Contracts Administrator
Network Solutions, Inc.
505 Huntmar Park Drive
Herndon, VA 22070

Cooperative Agreement No. NCR-9218742
Amendment No. 03
Proposal No. NCR - 9543563

Dear Mr. Graves:

The National Science Foundation (NSF) hereby awards $1,948,632 to Network Solutions, Inc. for additional support in accordance wi the Program Plan entitled "Network Information Services Manager(s) for NSFNET and the NREN," submitted May 5, 1995, and revised budged dated August 18, 1995.

The Foundation hereby approves the Awardee's Year 3 Program Plan dated May 5, 1995 covering the period April 1, 1995 through March 31, 1996 with the following exception:

The Foundation is reviewing the fee-for-service concept outlined in Network Solutions letters of June 19, 1995 and June 30, 1995, as well as any modifications of the Cooperative Agreement which may be required to implement the fee-for-service concept.

The Cooperative Agreement, as amended, is further amended as follows:

Under Article 8.B1., delete $2,420,702, and substitute $4,369,334, of which [ Proprietary Figure Omitted ]

Under Article 8.C., delete $2,420,702 and substitute $4,369,334. By this amendment, $1,948,632 covers performance through September 30, 1995.

It is understood that funding for Awardees performance beyond September 30, 1995 will require either the allotment of additional funds or NSF approval to initiate fees for registration services in accordance with Article 3.G. of the Cooperative Agreement.

The amount awarded includes indirect cost allowance at the rates specified in the approved budget. These maximum provisional rates are subject to downward adjustment only.

The Foundation authorizes the grantee to enter into the proposed contractual arrangements and to fund such arrangements with Cooperative Agreement funds up to the amount indicated in the approved budget. Such contractual arrangements should contain appro priate provisions consistent with the applicable Cooperative Agreement general terms and conditions and any special conditions included in the Cooperative Agreement.

Except as modified by this amendment, terms and conditions of this Cooperative Agreement, including the expiration date remain unchanged.

Please indicate your acceptance of this amendment by having an authorized official of your organization sign and return one copy as soon as possible.


Carol A. Langguth
Grants and Agreements Officer

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