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Appointment to the ICANN Board of Directors

One of the first tasks to be undertaken by the PSO is the appointment of two individuals to serve on the ICANN Board of Directors. This assignment was documented in the Memorandum of Understanding creating the PSO. The relevent text is:

(3) ICANN Directors. 

    (a) The Protocol Council will appoint Directors to the ICANN Board of Directors in accordance with the By-laws of
    ICANN, for such terms as are specified by such By-laws. ICANN will notify the Protocol Council of any vacancies on the
    ICANN Board which may be filled by the Protocol Council. 

    (b) The Protocol Council will conduct an open call for nominations for any open PSO seats on the ICANN Board. Each
    Signing SDO is entitled to nominate candidates by procedures of its own choosing. Additionally, nominations from the public
    at large will be allowed under conditions to be defined by the Protocol Council. The Protocol Council will select the PSO
    nominees to the ICANN Board from among these nominees. ICANN Directors selected by the Protocol Council may, but
    need not, be members of the Protocol Council or any SDO. 

    (c) No more than 2 PSO-nominated Directors may be residents of the same Geographic Region (as defined in the ICANN

    (d) The ICANN Directors appointed by the Protocol Council will not represent the PSO on the ICANN Board, but will
    function as full Directors of ICANN.
The Nominess are: The PSO Protocol Council will have a closed vote to elect 3 board members from the pool of nominees created by the PSO MOU signatories' nomination processes. The PSO-PC members have been informed with biographical and other pertinent professional information provided by the candidates. Nominations are due in from the signatories by October 17, 1999. The complete slate of candidates will be published on this website on October 18, 1999, followed by election results on October 24, 1999.

Over the course of the coming months, the PSO-PC will be evaluating this election mechanism, with a view to formalizing a mechanism for next and future years. Specifically, the PSO-PC needs to determine a mechanism for soliciting and evaluating public nominations. Commentary and input to this process would be most appreciated -- please direct comments to the Protocol Council.