PSO Membership

Protocol Supporting Organization

The members of the Protocol Supporting Organization

  • Steve Bellovin - IETF Representative
  • Fabio Bigi - ITU Representative
  • Leslie Daigle - IETF Representative
  • Philipp Hoschka - W3C Representative
  • Dieter Kaiser - ETSI Representative
  • Gerry Lawrence - ETSI Representative
  • Brian Moore - ITU Representative
  • Daniel Weitzner - W3C Representative The Protocol Council will have a Secretary to coordinate administrative matters relating to the PSO and Protocol Council. The Secretary's term of office shall be one year. The position of Secretary will rotate among the Signing SDOs, with the initial Secretary to be selected by the IETF, and subsequent Secretaries to be appointed by a randomly selected Signing SDO that has not appointed the Secretary in the current rotation.

    The IETF selected Steve Coya to serve as the initial PSO Secretary