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  PlanetDomain Pty Ltd
Level 2, 538 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Primus is a global facilities-based total solutions provider offering superior long distance international, voice, data, internet, private networks and value added services. Primus Australia is the third largest telecommunications carrier in the country, with a rapidly expanding base of well over 700,000 customers. We offer a comprehensive competitive range of internet services, including network access, server hosting, email services and eCommerce solutions. Primus is investing substantial capital in its eCommerce Online Services business as part of its commitment to deliver grow international competitiveness for all Australians with requirements for online trading. We have formed several major relationships with key strategic partners that will change the face of business in Australia. Our goal is to provide Australian business with an easy affordable method for getting online and allows them to maintain pace compete on a global scale.

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