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  Registrar Contact Information
  Inter China Network Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (aka 3721)
6/F, He Qiao North Tower 8A Guang Hua Road Beijing Chao Yang District 100026

Inter China Network Software Co. Ltd (aka 3721) is the pioneer and market leader for providing Chinese (CKW) Keyword service in China. Founded in late 1998, the privately company is headquartered in Beijing. After over four years of market and technology development, 3721 has established itself as one of the most popular Internet brand in China, and the CKW service has become one of the most widely used service on the internet in China, serving over 30 million keyword resolutions everyday and reaching over 90% Chinese Internet users. 3721 has already registered Keyword names for more than 300,000 Chinese companies. It enjoys strong partnerships relationships with many of the leading foreign and local telecom, IT and Internet companies, such as Yahoo!, MSN, VeriSign, Sina, Sohu,, and many local ISPs.

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