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  Registrar Contact Information
  Asadal, Inc.
8F A-dong Wooilm Lions Valley 371-28 Gasan-dong Geumcheon-gu Seoul 153-803
Korea (South)

Asadal, Inc. is a total Internet Service Provider incorporated in 1998 in Seoul, Korea. From the outset, Services have included domain registration, web hosting and e-commerce. Asadal provides domain registration services for a number of gTLDs including .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info registrations. The company is also a KRNIC accredited registrar for the Korean ccTLD .kr. Asadal has a number of prestigious corporate accounts as clients, including Hyundai Motors, Samsung Corp., and LG Corp. Based on our depth of industry experience, Asadal intends to continue to provide innovative and state of the art professional services to clientele as part of an objective to achieve market prominence both locally and globally.

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