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The information that appears for each registrar, including the referral web address and contact information, has been provided by each individual registrar.

  Registrar Contact Information
  Nominalia Internet S.L.
C/ Josep Pla, 2 Torres Diagonal Litoral Edificio B3, planta 3D Barcelona

Nominalia Internet S.L. is a specialized Internet domain-name registrar, based in Barcelona. Nominalia provides a wide range of name-related services in connection with both gTLDs and so-called ccTLDs in several languages, with a special focus on the Latin-languages speaking market. Nominalia was launched in July 1997 (and is owned) by the Catalan Research Foundation (FCR), a research-fostering institution with extensive and long-standing involvement in pioneering Internet efforts. Nominalia is a founding member of the Internet Council of Registrars.

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