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The information that appears for each registrar, including the referral web address and contact information, has been provided by each individual registrar.

  Registrar Contact Information
  IP Mirror Pte Ltd dba IP MIRROR
47 Duxton Road IP Mirror TechHaus Singapore 89511

IP Mirror was established in 2000 and is a leading accredited domain name registrar in Asia offering gTLDs and ccTLDs domain registrations globally. IP Mirror maintain its leading position in the domain name area and portfolio management, providing unparalleled technology to achieve brand protection at its best, from overcoming stringent country requirements especially in Asia for domain name registration, domain name monitoring and watching to addressing infringements via various domain name dispute resolution policies and brand protection laws around the world. IP Mirror was invited to join the Intellectual Property panel under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. IP Mirror was also awarded ISO9001:2000 certification in March 2005. Through its Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Indonesia offices, the IP Mirror Group has gained a firm Asian foothold coupled with its reputable experience in the West, managing a broad international clientele of famous brand names.

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