Shared Registry System Technical Requirements for Registrars
(Posted 25 March 1999, now obsolete)

Information from Network Solutions, Inc.:

(March 25, 1999) ICANN today received the following information from Network Solutions, Inc., on the expected technical requirements for accredited registrars:

"Q1. What hardware and connectivity will be required of the registrars?

"A1: At a minimum, each registrar will need:

"a) A computer. The capability and operating system of the computer will depend upon how the registrar wants to implement the client end.

"b) Connection to the Internet.

"c) TCP/IP

"d) An SSL-enabled client

"e) A platform running Sun Solaris 2.6, if the registrar wants to use our RRP libraries, which will run with either JAVA or "C."

"f) As an alternative, and since we will be providing the RRP specification, the registrar can write its own Client application that's not dependent upon either JAVA or "C." In that case, the choice of platform is up to the registrar.

"Q2. Does the RRP depend upon a new and unusual standard?

"A2: No, the system is build with familiar elements.

"Q3. How will the registrars be expected to operate in the test environment?

"A3: We plan to work with each registrar and mutually agree upon an operational relationship."

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