List of Businesses to be Accredited as Post-Testbed Registrars
as of April 21, 1999

9 Net Avenue, Inc. (United States)

9NetAvenue, Inc. is a proven leader in the web hosting industry supporting over 40,000 clients and with over 60,000 domain names registered. They offer many different packages to a wide range of companies helping them meet their web hosting, dedicated server, and e-commerce needs through state-of-the-art technologies and by providing 24-hour technical support.
Contact: Yuri Frid, VP of Sales and Development

Tel: +1 (201) 902-9300

A Technology Company (Canada)

A Technology Company, Inc. is preparing to launch a new and far-reaching domain name registrar business. Over the past two years, founder Jason Hendeles, with the support of a team of leading technicians, has developed an easy-to-use service to facilitate identification of individuals and companies on the Internet. ATC's advanced software, innovative web-based email system, coupled with an aggressive promotional strategy promises to break new ground in the reorganisation of the Internet.

Contact: Jason Hendeles, President
Tel: +1 (416) 322-0400
Fax: +1 (416) 322-7371
Email: jason@dotpower.com

Active ISP (Norway)

Active ISP is an established, Norwegian Internet company that provides Internet-related hosting services on an international level to small and medium-sized businesses. Active ISP has a daughter company named NewDomain Inc. - an international provider of assistance with the Domain Registration process that was launched on 24 March 1999 (www.newdomain.com). A spectrum of digital services is offered in cooperation with partners on both a national and local level. In this concept, Active ISP provides products and services that can be standardized using automated ordering and delivery procedures - which can be marketed, sold and paid for digitally in a global market by way of local partners.

Contact: Rolf Larsen
Tel: +47-2262-7300
Email: rolf@activeisp.com

All West Communications (United States)

All West Communications was established in 1912 in Randolph, Utah. All West Communications has developed a total communications network offering dial tone, long distance, cable television, Internet access, and inbound call centers. All West Communications is proud to provide Internet access solutions in many of the host cities where the Utah 2002 Winter Games will be held.
Contact: Matthew Weller

Email: dominfo@AllWest.Net
Tel: +1 (435) 783-4361

Alldomains.com (United States)

Alldomains.com is the world leader in global domain name information and registration services, with an emphasis on serving the small and mid-sized business market. The company offers customers a full suite of Internet solutions, including domain name registration in com/net/org as well as country-code domains, web and email forwarding, dns hosting, web hosting, e commerce and other solutions.
Contact: Chris Bura, CEO

Tel: +1 (925)-685-9600
Fax: +1 (925)-685-9620

American Domain Name Registry (United States)

The American Domain Name Registry seeks to contribute to the growth and development of the Internet in innovative and creative ways. For example, during the initial phase of its development, the American Registry will attempt to develop an easier and more user-friendly approach for searching and registering domain names. But the hallmark of the American Registry will be its turnkey e-commerce package (e.g. Internet storefront) and technical support that will be offered to its registrants— during the second phase. Registrants will be able to open Internet storefronts without programming knowledge. This is the type of innovation and public service that the American Registry will strive to achieve. To implement these plans, the American Registry plans to raise working capital by listing itself on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ in the near future.
Contact: Henry Tien

Tel: +1 (305) 667-9099

AT&T (United States)


"AT&T is excited to be among the first to join with ICANN to open the domain name registration process to the benefits of competition," said Kathleen Earley, vice president of AT&T Internet Services. AT&T currently assists its Electronic Commerce and IP Services customers with domain name registrations, and gaining registrar accreditation will strengthen AT&T’s ability to offer end-to-end business solutions to its customers.

Contact: Janet Wyles, AT&T Internet Services Public Relations
Tel: +1 (908) 658-5235
Email: wyles@att.com

Domain Direct (Canada)

Domain Direct, a member of The TUCOWS Network, provides the Internet community with an affordable, easy to use way to register their Internet domain names. Thousands of companies and individuals throughout the world have used the service to register their favorite .com, .net and .org domain names. Domain Direct, a privately held firm located in Toronto, Canada has been providing domain name registration services since 1997.
Contact: Ross Wm. Rader, Director, eCommerce

Tel: (416) 239-9095 x 335
Fax. (416) 239-8409
email: ross@domaindirect.com

DomainRegistry.com (United States)

DomainRegistry.com is a boutique domain name registration, and domain name consulting service, located in Bensalem, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia. The company has been involved in domain registration since 1996, and has registered domain names for companies, and organizations, in all 50 states and 37 foreign countries. DomainRegistry.com services companies of all sizes, from small business to large multinational companies, all receiving the same fast, attentive, and individual, account service.

Marla Victor: +1 (215) 244-6619 <mvictor@DomainRegistry.com>
Larry Erlich: +1 (215) 244-6610 <lerlich@DomainRegistry.com>

eNom, Inc. (United States)

eNom, Inc. is a domain name focused product and services company that endeavors to provide quality services to current and future domain name holders. eNom, in conjunction with its parent company, Syllogistics LLC, has a distinguished track record of providing industrial strength e-commerce services.
Contact: Paul Stahura

Tel: +1 (425) 883-3244
Email: stahura@enom.com

Info Avenue Internet Services (United States)

Info Avenue Internet Services is a full-service Tier-1 wholesale Internet provider that was created by 18 independent telephone cooperatives in 1993 in South Carolina. IA provides dial-up as well as dedicated commercial access to the Internet, web hosting and design, marketing support, engineering design and 24-7 technical support to more than 75 telephone companies and cooperatives and electric cooperatives in 15 states. They, in turn, offer those services to their customers. IA has grown from about a dozen employees to more than 140 in the past five years, nearly doubling in just the past year.

Contact: Scott Kearns, Director of Public Relations

Tel: +1 (803) 802-4618 or +1-800-842-2900.

InfoNetworks (USA & United Kingdom)

In keeping with the history of the Internet, Compulink Information eXchange, the oldest online provider in the United Kingdom, has formed an international consortium of organizations, both corporate and non-profit, to provide the highest level of domain name service possible. Joining Compulink in this endeavor is the Business Technology Center at West Chester University, InfoNetworks, and the IP Warehouse.

Contacts: Frank A. Cona and Michael D. Pelage
Tel: +1 (561) 630-8060
Email: fcona@ipwarehouse.com; mpalage@ipwarehouse.com

  • Compulink Information eXchange: www.cix.co.uk
  • The Business Technology Center: www.btcwcu.org
  • InfoNetworks: www.infonetworks.com
  • The IP Warehouse: www.ipwarehouse.com

    InfoRamp, Inc. (United States)

    InfoRamp, Inc. is a Chicago-based ISP providing service to over 25,000 dialup and web-hosting customers in 22 states. Like much of the Internet industry, InfoRamp continues to enjoy triple digit growth, but unlike most other ‘dot com’ companies, InfoRamp is profitable and able devote internal resources to new ventures such as the ICANN Registrar Accreditation process. We believe that high service ISPs like InfoRamp have a special part to play as ICANN registrars and will be able to add substantial value and customer satisfaction beyond what many have come to expect from a single centralized registrar.

    Contact: Lizanne Haimes
    Tel: +1 (312) 577-6666
    Email: hostmaster@TheRamp.net

    Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. (United States)


    Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. (ITN) is a leading provider of sophisticated Internet and Audiotext System Integration, Electronic Commerce Transaction Processing, and Network Management Services to companies whose network presence is mission-critical to their business success. ITN offers solutions for Optimal Internetworking. ITN solutions are backed by scalability and specialized technical expertise unrivaled in the industry.
    Contact: Dean Church

    Tel: +1 (818) 501-4486;
    Email: dean@itninc.net.

    Interdomain, S.A. (Spain)

    Interdomain is the Spanish leader company for domain names registration services. We provide gTLDs and ccTLDs, especially in European and Latin American countries. We help companies to preserve the valuable company brand or product names as Web Addresses worldwide.
    Contact: María Eguirón or Teresa Sobreviela

    Tel.: +34 91702 7740/41/47
    Fax: +34 91 702 77 44
    Email: info@interdomain.org

    Internet Domain Registrars (Canada)

    Internet Domain Registrars, a division of Internet Gateway, specializes in affordable and efficient domain registration services for consumers, businesses and ISPs around the world. As an ICANN-accredited registrar, IDR will dramatically simplify the domain registration process, with a focus on improving customer satisfaction and pricing.
    Contact: Sheldon Gibson

    Tel: 1-800-850-8282
    Email: sheldon@registrars.com

    interQ Incorporated (Japan)

    interQ Incorporated is a "Total Internet Infrastructure Company" that operates a network of over 110 regional Points of Presence with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. We are the largest independent Internet Service Provider, and the number one register of virtually hosted domain names, in Japan. Our motto is, "Internet for Everyone."

    Contact: Richard A. S. Lindsay
    Tel: +81-3-5456-2687
    Email: richard@interq.ad.jp

    MS Intergate, Inc. (United States)

    MS Intergate has been in the networking business for 13 years. We began offering Internet access, web design and hosting at the very beginning of the Internet as we now know it. The MS Intergate domain name registration process will make it easier for people to be part of the Internet instead of just on the Internet.
    Contact: Milford Skane

    Tel: +1 (714) 693-1171
    Fax: +1 (714) 693-3625 (fax)
    Email: milford@msintergate.com

    NameSecure.com (United States)

    Other than Network Solutions, NameSecure.com has since 1995 registered more domain names exclusively in .com, .net, and .org than any other non-webhosting company on the Internet. In addition, NameSecure.com originated, and was the first domain name registration company to offer, "website forwarding", a service that allows any company or individual to have and use their own domain name without the additional monthly expense of a separate "domain name account". NameSecure.com's unique business model (the company does not compete for webhosting business) has led the company to partnerships and associations with many leading Internet community and e-commerce sites including among others, GeoCities, iCat, the Lycos Network (includes Lycos, Tripod, Angelfire, WhoWhere, and MailCity), Netopia, and XOOM.com.

    Contact: Cyndi Girgis, CEO
    Tel: +1 (925) 377-1212, x107
    Email: cyndi@namesecure.com

    Name.Space (United States)

    Name.Space has developed and deployed an advanced system of domain name registration, operating new Top Level Domains (TLDs) since 1996, lighting up new domain names in real time, bringing automation and high efficiency to the new name service industry. The universal domain name search engine, sWhois (smart whois) developed by Name.Space simplifies searching the world’s domains and provides a public service by making services formerly reserved for UNIX operators available to average users for free over the web. <http://DNS411.com> Name.Space is committed to working with our clients to enable their access to the net, preserve their rights to privacy and free speech, and to provide trusted, low-cost, high value services. <http://free.name.space.xs2.net>
    Contact: Paul Garrin

    Tel: 212.677.4080

    NetBenefit (United Kingdom)

    NetBenefit is one of the UK’s leading and most established domain name registrars, last year registering more .co.uk domains than any other independent registrar. NetBenefit’s major offerings include Domain Name services (brand-name registration, search and watch facilities), Hosting and our pioneering multiple email and e-commerce solutions. NetBenefit’s high quality solutions are all ISO 9002 accredited.

    Email: info@netbenefit.com

    NetNames (United Kingdom)

    NetNames International registers domain names in over 200 countries from offices in London, New York and Sydney, Australia. NetNames has been registering domains for corporate and individual clients since 1995.
    Contact: Ivan Pope

    Tel: +44-171-291-3900

    Nominalia (Catalonia)

    Nominalia Internet S.L. is a specialized Internet domain-name registrar, based in Barcelona. Nominalia provides a wide range of name-related services in connection with both gTLDs and so-called ccTLDs in several languages, with a special focus on the Latin-languages speaking market. Nominalia was launched in July 1997 (and is owned) by the Catalan Research Foundation (FCR), a research-fostering institution with extensive and long-standing involvement in pioneering Internet efforts. Nominalia is a founding member of the Internet Council of Registrars.

    Contacts: Amadeu Abril I Abril (Amadeu@nominalia.com)
    Elisa Merino (emerino@fcr.es)

    Port Information System (Sweden)

    Since 1997, Port Information System <http://www.ports.net> has been providing the service domaininfo.com <http://domaininfo.com> both to the public and resellers. The goal of domaininfo.com is to deliver an efficient service for registering both national and international domain names under the world’s active top level domains on the Internet. domaininfo.com is one of the leading domain name registrars in Europe.

    Contact: Per-Anders Hurtigh
    Phone: +46-31-720-2010
    Fax: +46-31-720-2019

    RCN Corporation (United States)

    RCN Corporation (Nasdaq: RCNC) is the nation’s first and largest single-source, facilities-based provider of communications services to the residential market, the largest regional Internet service provider (ISP) in the Northeast and one of the nation’s largest ISPs. The company is currently providing local and long distance phone, cable television and Internet services in several markets from Boston to Washington, D.C. RCN has expanded its target market to include California’s San Francisco to San Diego corridor.

    Contact: Jim Maiella, Director of Public Relations
    Tel: +1 (212) 376-4399

    TelePartner AS (Denmark)

    Telepartner A/S (Nasdaq:TPARY) is a Scandinavian independent telecom-Internet company founded in 1986. Telepartner offers Internet-related services to customers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The service portfolio aims to provide a full range of services to enable easy and reliable access to Internet, such as domain registration, web hosting, web design and e-commerce solutions.
    Contact: Bertel E. Jensen

    Tel: +45-3954-0000
    Tel (direct): +45-3954-0005
    e-mail: bej@telepartner.dk

    Verio (United States)

    Verio Inc. is the world’s largest domain-based Web hosting company and a leading national Internet service provider. Based in Englewood, CO, the company currently hosts more than 200,000 active Web sites and nearly 325,000 domains for customers around the world.
    Contact: Matt Bell, Director of Corporate Communications

    Tel: +1 (303) 645-1961
    Email: mbell@verio.net

    Virtual Internet (United Kingdom)


    Virtual Internet is a leader in the registration of domain names, the protection of Intellectual Property, brands and trademarks on the Internet. Virtual Internet has offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Harare, New York and San Francisco and is quoted on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of $50 Million. Clients include; Daimler Chrysler, CNN, Warner Bros. and Ford.

    PR Contacts, Europe and the US:

  • Caraline Brown/Helen Yeardsley. MIDNIGHT COMMUNICATIONS

  • Tel: +44 (1273) 709-977, Email: caraline/helen@midnight.co.uk
  • Amy Bonetti, BigMouth PR.

  • Tel: +1 (415) 837-1900, Email: abonetti@aol.com
  • Virtual Internet Contact: Jason Drummond, CEO, jason@vi.net, +44 (171) 460 4061

    WebTrends Corporation (United States)

    Founded in 1993, WebTrends Corporation (Nasdaq:WEBT) is the leader and pioneer in enterprise management and reporting solutions to improve the quality, performance, and integrity of Internet and intranet servers and firewalls. The WebTrends Network web site is a natural extension of WebTrends Corporation’s award-winning product line, providing a wide variety of products and industry information, software products and resources, discussion forums, and other content related to building and managing web sites.
    Contact: Terri Nopp

    Tel: (503) 294-7025 x 247
    Email: terrin@webtrends.com