Proposal # Registry Name gTLD Name of Service Status Documents
2011008 VeriSign Inc. .COM, .NET, .NAME Verisign Anti-Abuse Domain Use Policy Withdrawn
2011007 Fundació puntCAT .cat Whois changes according to EU data protection legislation for .cat Public Comment
2011006 Universal Postal Union .post Release and allocation of previously-reserved IANA strings to
second- and higher-level .post sTLD registrations
Preparing Amendment
2011005 DotCooperation LLC .coop Third Level Domain DNS Support for .coop Approved
2011004 Public Interest Registry .org One and Two Character Name Allocation Proposal Preparing Amendment Proposal
2011003 DotAsia Organisation Ltd. .ASIA .ASIA 1 and 2 Character Allocation Proposal

Public comment open until 16 Dec 2011

2011002 VeriSign Inc. .NAME Registry Lock Service for .NAME Approved
2011001 VeriSign Inc. .NAME Two-Factor Authentication Service for .NAME Approved
2010013 SITA .AERO DNSSEC Implementation for .AERO Preparing Amendment Proposal
2010012 Telnic Ltd. .TEL Allow allocation of numeric-only domains in .TEL Approved
2010011 mTLD Ltd. .MOBI Additional equitable allocation options for .MOBI one and two character domains Public Comment
2010010 VeriSign Inc. .NAME Numbers & Hyphens in .NAME Domain Names Approved
201009 VeriSign Inc. .NET Single & Two-Character Name Release Proposal Withdrawn
201008 Telnic Ltd .TEL One and Two-Character ASCII .TEL Domain Names Approved
201007 DotAsia Organisation Ltd .ASIA DNSSEC Approved
201006 Afilias Ltd. .INFO DNSSEC Approved
201005 EmployMedia LLC .JOBS Phased Allocation Program Approved
201004 VeriSign, Inc. .NET Domain Name Exchange Withdrawn
201003 Neustar Inc. .BIZ gTLD Registry Lock Service Approved
201002 Fundació puntCAT .CAT DNSSEC Approved
201001 Afilias Ltd. .INFO One and Two Character Name Allocation Proposal Approved
2009011 VeriSign, Inc. .COM, .NET DNSSEC Approved
2009010 Neustar Inc. .BIZ DNSSEC Approved
2009009 Fundació puntCAT .CAT One and Two Character Name Registration Service Approved
2009008 VeriSign, Inc. .COM, .NET Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition (BTAPPA) Approved
2009007 VeriSign, Inc. .COM, .NET Domain Name WhoWas Approved
2009006 VeriSign, Inc. .COM, .NET IDN DNS Updates Approved
2009005 VeriSign, Inc. .COM, .NET Registry Lock Service Approved
2009004 VeriSign, Inc. .COM, .NET Registry-Registrar Two-Factor Authentication Service Approved as voluntary optional service
2009003 Tralliance .TRAVEL Single and Two-Character Names Registration Service Approved
2009002 RegistryPro, LTD .PRO Release and Allocation of One, Two and Three Character Names Approved
2009001 RegistryPro, LTD .PRO Request to modify handling of names pending verification Approved
2008011 mTLD Ltd. .MOBI Release/Allocation of Two-Character Names Approved
2008010 NeuStar, Inc. .BIZ .BIZ 1 and 2 Character Marketing Proposal Approved
2008009 MuseDoma .MUSEUM MUSEUM-DNSSEC Approved
2008008 Afilias Ltd. .INFO Phased Equitable Reallocation of Non-Compliant .INFO Sunrise Domain Names Approved
2008007 Afilias, Ltd. .INFO Abusive Use Policy Approved
2008006 mTLD Ltd. .MOBI Release/Allocation of Single-Character Names Approved
2008005 DotCooperation LLC .COOP Release of Single and Two-Character Domains Approved
2008004 Public Interest Registry .ORG Proposed Implementation of DNSSEC in .ORG Approved
2008003 RegistryPro, LTD .PRO Release of Three-Character Numeric Names Approved
2008002 Afilias Limited .INFO Modifications to the Existing Add Grace Period Approved
2008001 NeuStar, Inc. .BIZ Modifications to the Existing Add Grace Period Approved
2007005 DotCooperation LLC .COOP Domain Name Exception – Approved
2007004 Telnic Ltd .TEL UK/EU Data Protection legislation impact on ICANN contract Approved
2007003 VeriSign, Inc. .COM & .NET DNS Update Service Approved
2007002 EmployMedia LLC .JOBS Release of Initially Reserved Two-Character Domain Names Approved
2007001 Fundació puntCAT .CAT Domain name exceptions (release of,, Approved
2006004 Global Name Registry, LTD .NAME Limited Release of Initially Reserved Two-Character Names Approved
2006003 Public Interest Registry .ORG Excess Deletions Fee Approved
2006002 NeuLevel, Inc. .BIZ Bulk Transfer of Partial Portfolio Approved
2006001 Tralliance Corporation .TRAVEL Not Approved