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ICANN Posts Final Version of Strategic Plan

English, final version, clean [PDF, 76K]
Arabic, final version, clean [PDF, 197K]
Chinese, final version, clean [PDF, 205K]
Portuguese, final version, clean [PDF, 97K]

ICANN Posts Next Draft of Strategic Plan [Version 3]

English, 3rd version, clean [PDF, 76K] | English, 3rd version, redline [PDF, 100K]
French, 3rd version, clean [PDF, 88K]

In response to feedback received during consultations at the São Paulo meeting, ICANN is releasing the next version of the strategic plan (version 3) for consideration and comment during the public forum in Sao Paulo.

Comments may also be made on the strategic plan forum on the website <> and viewed at

ICANN Posts Revised Version of Draft Strategic Plan [Version 2]

English, clean version [PDF, 71K]
French, clean version [PDF, 82K]
Spanish, clean version [PDF, 91K]

In response to feedback received in several consultation sessions conducted in the last weeks, ICANN is posting a revised version of the draft strategic plan. There are a redline version of the plan [PDF, 86K] and a clean version of the plan [PDF, 71K] posted. This revised version incorporates points raised during the consultations. Additional consultation sessions will be conducted at the ICANN meeting in São Paulo, including meetings with constituency groups and open sessions in French, Spanish and English. Comments can also be made on the strategic plan public forum <> and viewed at Another version of the plan will be released after this next round of consultation, with a view to having the plan approved by the Board at the São Paulo meeting.

ICANN Posts Draft Version of the 2007-2010 Strategic Plan for Comment

Based on community consultations and comments to the Issues Paper published in September, ICANN releases its next draft Strategic Plan. Consultations held through the ICANN meeting in São Paulo will inform revisions to this plan. In this release, ICANN thanks the community for the participation and contribution to date and encourages comments concerning this draft. Comments can be made to and reviewed at

Previous Announcements

The ICANN Board approved the July 2006-June 2009 Strategic Plan at the Wellington meeting. July 2006 marks the beginning of the six-month strategic planning cycle to revise and roll forward the three-year plan. An outline of the process for the next six months can be found here.

Members of the ICANN community are invited to contribute to the consultation process by becoming involved through their constituency, supporting organization or advisory committee, or by responding individually to the questions that are being used in the consultation process. The initial set of questions for the consultation can be found here. ICANN welcomes responses in English, French, Spanish or Arabic. Questions are available in these languages.

If you are responding to these questions via the public comment forum on the web-site, it is not required that you respond to all the questions. Please write your responses to The responses can be viewed at

Please respond by Friday 28 July so that your input can be included in the next stage of the process.

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