D2. Legal Name, Principal Address and Other Information on Registry Operator


Affinity Internet, Inc. (hereinafter “Affinity”)

101 Continental Boulevard, 3rd Floor

El Segundo, CA  90245

United States of America

Telephone:  310-524-3000

Facsimile:  310-388-1335



D3. Other Business Locations. 


          16607 South Vermont Avenue

          Gardena, CA  90247

          Telephone:  310-630-2878

          Facsimile:  310-354-1592



3500 Boston Street, Suite 231

Baltimore, MD 21224

County of Baltimore

Telephone:  410-563-6384

            Facsimile:  410-563-5457



13200 Crossroads Parkway North, Suite 360

City of Industry, CA  91746

Los Angeles County

Telephone:  562-699-3195

            Facsimile:  562-699-1891



8432 Veterans Highway, Suite C

Millersville, MD  21108

County of Baltimore

Telephone:  410-729-1005

Facsimile:  410-729-1001


D4. Jurisdiction of Organization


Delaware Corporation


D5. URL of Registry Operator's Principal WWW site.




D6. Dun & Bradstreet D‑U‑N‑S Number (if any) of registry operator.




D7. Number of employees.


Approximately 150


D8. Registry operator's total revenue (in US dollars) in the last‑ended fiscal


Affinity operated for only two months in fiscal year 1999, which was the
year of its start-up.  Revenues for that year were $300,493.  Revenues
through July 2000 were $
4,544,806.  A set of un-audited financials through July
2000 is set forth in Item


D9. Directors, officers, relevant managers and 5% owners. 


(i)                 Directors


Harry Hopper, Columbia Capital LLC, director


John McIntyre, Affinity Internet, Inc., chairman


Scott Perper, First Union Capital Partners Inc., director


John Van Hooser, J.P. Morgan Capital Corporation, director


John Watkins, J.P. Morgan Capital Corporation, director


John Zdanowski, Affinity Internet, Inc., director


(ii)               Officers


John McIntyre, Chief Executive Officer


John Zdanowski, Chief Operating Officer


Von Cameron, Vice President, Corporate Development                       


Robert Murray, Vice President, General Counsel


Christopher Woodward, Controller


(iii)             Relevant Managers


Elaine Matthews, Director, Customer and Technical Support


Eric Lissoy, Director Systems


(iv)              5% Owners of Common Stock


J.P. Morgan Investment Corporation


Sixty Wall Street SBIC Fund, L.P. (Managed by J.P. Morgan)


First Union Capital Partners, Inc.


Columbia eBiz Partners, LLC


D10. Contacts for This Application. 


Philip J. Berent

181 Hudson Street, Suite 7c

New York, NY 10013

Tel. 212 274 8655




D11. Sub-Contractors Information (See Item d15.3) 


Information about our Sub-contractor, 7Ways.com, who will
manage the technical aspects of the Registry Operation and who
were responsible for compiling Section III, the Technical
Capabilities and Plan, of this document may be found both in
Section III and in the attachment 7Ways Corporate Information.



[1] Affinity is the parent corporation and ultimate owner of several operating companies.  Since the operating companies conduct most of the substantive business of Affinity, they are listed here even though they are separate legal entities.