Assumptions and Variables used in this Model
Confidence level 10%
Minimum registration term in years Estimated length in yrs of average registration term
Basic State Registrations (term 1) 2 2.1
Sunrise IP Period 3 3.2
Average basic renewal term in years 1 1.5
Average renewal rate % 75%
Basic state registration level - post initial rollout
90% Low - basic registration level 75,000
50% Medium - basic registration level 150,000
10% High - basic registration level 225,000
Initial Rollout equals % below times Basic State
1st mth of rollout 200%
2nd mth of rollout 150%
3rd mth of rollout 125%
Registration Fee to Registrars Per Domain Name Year $5.45
Registry Expenses per Domain Name Year - Based on fees paid to outsouced service providers and internal expenses $2.00
"Sunrise IP Period" relates to the Registered Trademark Owners' special registration period.
year 1 month 1 starts upon award of bid
Registry fee paid to back end contractor per Domain Name Year