October 1, 2000



Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
New TLD Applications
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA



Dear Madam/Sir:


We are pleased to submit the attached Application for Unsponsored TLDs in response to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) New TLD Application Process Request for Applications.

As our proposal demonstrates, we offer the ICANN a truly neutral vendor who is qualified to perform the required roles and responsibilities set forth in the Request for Applications.

The solution we propose offers:

®       Strong marketing, including significant committed funding, focused management of TLD programs across registrars and registrar participation in program management

®       Fair, open market structure where all registrars get equal price, terms and support without preference or unfair advantages

®       High service reliability

®       Advanced system functions and features

®       Flexible systems architecture that will support growth in volumes and applications

®       Attractive pricing that delivers benefits of economies of scale to our customers.

We have a demonstrated record of delivering high quality, reliable services via complex systems providing high volumes of transactions to network operators.We have a history of working effectively with large numbers of competing network operators in their industry forums.We are a trusted provider of highly responsive services.

As requested, we have provided a complete Application for Unsponsored TLD that includes: application forms, Registry Operatorís Proposal, description of TLD Policies, Statement of Requested Confidential Treatment of Materials Submitted, and the Registry Operatorís Fitness Disclosure forms.The application is provided in hard copy and on CD-ROM in MSWord andHTML formats.

Should you have any questions regarding our proposal, please contact Ken Hansen, our official representative for this procurement, at +1 202.533.2685, via fax at +1 202.533.2975, or via email at ken.hansen@neustar.com.





We look forward to working with ICANN to ensure the successful introduction of new TLDs for the Internet.





Jeffrey E. Ganek

Chairman and CEO

Neustar, Inc.