D13.4. Supporting documentation. The following documentation should be provided in support of the Business Capabilities and Plan section:

D13.4.1. Registry operator's organizational documents. Documents of incorporation (or similar documents).

Please see Attachment 1 of Application Transmittal Form.


D13.4.2. References. A list of significant trade and credit references.

KDDISOL as a 100% subsidiary of KDD, will have available to it substantial credit and trade reference. Specifically, it is anticipated that KDDISOL will have its primary financial dealings with the Sakura Bank, Ltd.

The parent company KDD have dealing with most of Japanese leading banks, and you can find its significant trade and credit references who are also its main stock holders as below :


D13.4.3. Annual report. The registry operator's most recent annual financial report (or similar document). Audited financials are preferred.

KDDISOL has just established in June 2000.

Annual report of KDD: Please see attachment 1


D13.4.4. Proof of capital. Provide evidence of existing capital or firm commitments of capital. Demonstrated access to necessary capital will be carefully scrutinized.

Please see Attachment 1 of Application Transmittal Form.


D13.4.5. Proof of insurance. Please provide proof of the insurance described in item D13.1.8.

Please see Section D13.1.8