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28 September 2000

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Poptel Ltd


This is to confirm that insurance cover in respect of Employers', Public and Products Liability is in force as follows:

Insured: Poptel Ltd

Address: Rutherford House, Manchester Science Park, Pencroft Way,

Manchester M 15 6GG

Insurer: Trenwick International Ltd per Thomas Underwriting Agency Ltd

Policy No: TUA/013/0498

Period of Insurance: 12 months @ 1 June 2000

Employers' Liability: Limit of Indemnity 10,000,000 Any One Incident

Public Liability: Limit of Indemnity 5,000,000 Any One Occurrence/Unlimited in

the Period of Insurance

Geographical Limits: a) Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel


b) Elsewhere in the world in connection with commercial

visits by directors, partners and/or employees normally

resident in the territories referred to in (a)

Products Liability: Limit of Indemnity 5,000,000 Any One Occurrence but In

Aggregate during the Period of Insurance

Geographical Limits: Anywhere in the world but excluding liability arising from or in

connection with any goods products or containers manufactured

supplied serviced repaired or treated by the Insured in the United

States of America or Canada to the knowledge of the Insured.

Excess: The first 250 of each and every loss in respect of damage to

Third Party Property.

Note: Cover is otherwise subject to Thomas Underwriting Agency Ltd's

Commercial Combined Policy Terms, Conditions and Exceptions.

Yours faithfully

J J ent

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