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General Information Regarding Designation of the Subsequent .net registry Operator


The following provides an overview of the current available information concerning the procedures and processes that has taken place regarding the designation of a subsequent .net Registry Operator. This page will be updated as the procedure for designating a subsequent .net registry operator is continued until 30 June 2005.

Background Information

The current registry agreement between ICANN and VeriSign, Inc. was signed in May 2001, and will expire on 30 June 2005. The agreement provides (per Section 5.2.1) that ICANN, no later than 30 June 2004, will adopt an open and transparent procedure for designating a “successor” registry operator.

The work involving the development and administration of such procedure, including announcements of public comment periods in various steps, correspondence from interested parties, ICANN Board resolutions authorizing ICANN to perform certain tasks, and all other relevant information is listed below in date order.

.NET Correspondence

.NET Questions and Answers

Public Comments for .Net RFP Applications

Information Overview

8 June 2005: ICANN Board Designates VeriSign to Retain Control of .NET Registry

27 May 2005: ICANN Posts Revised Telcordia Report on .NET RFP Evaluation

3 May 2005: ICANN Posts Telcordia Review of Findings

25 April 2005: Update – .NET RFP Process

20 April 2005: Update – .NET RFP Process

29 March 2005: ICANN Opens Public Comment Forum on .NET Evaluators' Report

28 March 2005: ICANN Publishes Telcordia Report on their Findings and Rankings for .NET

9 March 2005: Update Regarding .NET Selection Process

7 February 2005: ICANN Engages Independent Evaluation Team to Review .NET Applications

20 January 2005: Public Comments for DotNet RFP Applications

19 January 2005: ICANN Receives Five Applications to Operate .net

21 December 2004: ICANN Posts Initial .NET RFP Questions and Answers

15 December 2004: .NET RFP Question Period is Open

10 December 2004: ICANN Releases .NET Request for Proposals

1 December 2004: ICANN Extends .NET RFP Public Comment

12 November 2004: ICANN Releases .NET RFP for Public Comment

30 September 2004: Update: ICANN Preparing .NET Redelegation RFP

10 August 2004: ICANN Announcement of GNSO Final Report on .net Criteria and Opening of Public Comment Period on the Report

5 August 2004: GNSO Consensus Resolution on .net Criteria

5 August 2004: Final Report from the GNSO on .net Criteria

20 July 2004: GNSO Council Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Requesting Changes to the .net Subcommittee Report on the .net Criteria.

29 June 2004: Final Procedure for Designating Subsequent .net Registry Operator.

25 June 2004: Final Comment Period Begins on Draft Criteria for Designating Subsequent .net Registry Operator.

2 June 2004: Draft Procedure for Designating Subsequent .net Registry Operator. (Includes an overview of comments received in the 2-24 June 2004 public comment period)

28 May 2004: First Public Comment Period Begins on Draft Criteria for .net.

31 March 2004: ICANN Issues a Formal Request for Guidance to the GNSO Concerning the Criteria for Designating a Subsequent Operator for .net (PDF).

6 March 2004: ICANN Board Resolution regarding Preparation for the Designation of a Transparent Procedure for Designating a Subsequent .net Registry Operator.

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