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Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
New TLD Applications
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Marina del Ray, CA 90292


October 2, 2000


Please find herewith the Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Authority’s (DTEC-MFZA) application for two new TLDS (the New TLDs):


The purpose behind the proposed <.go> unrestricted TLD may be stated as follows:

A next generation TLD that signifies reliability, integrity, safety and soundness based on the following seven principles: 

(i)     The implementation of sound registrar accreditation policies based on the criteria and policies established by ICANN;

  The on-going verification of accredited registrars to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the accreditation

(iii)    The development of registration criteria intended to reflect the above   goals;

(iv)      The rigorous implementation by registrars of those registration criteria;

(vi)      The introduction of fair and balanced measures to safeguard  intellectual property rights;

(vi)      On-going monitoring to ensure that the second-level domain is being used in a manner consistent with the representations made at the time of application;

(vii)     Cost-effective, expeditious, fair, balanced, neutral and transparent conflict resolution procedures.

The purpose behind the proposed <.dubai> restricted TLD may be characterized as encompassing all of the foregoing and, in addition, the requirement of a nexus between the applicant/domain name holder and activities being carried out in or with or arising out of or relating to the Emirate of Dubai or Dubai Internet City.

DTEC-MFZA is confident that it can marshal the resources required to sponsor successfully the New TLDs, working in partnership with ICANN and global strategic partners, such as Network Solutions Inc. (Verisign Global Registry Services).  It looks forward to the inauguration of the Dubai Internet Domains Registration Authority, as soon as ICANN has given a positive indication in respect of the instant application.

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 This application consists of the following:


TAB 1:           Sponsored TLD Application Transmittal Form;

TAB 2:           The Sponsoring Organization's Proposal, with cover sheet and attachments and accompanying materials;

TAB 3:           The Registry Operator's Proposal, with cover sheet and attachments and accompanying materials;

TAB 4:           A Description of TLD Policies, with cover sheet and attachments and accompanying materials;

TAB 5:           A Statement of Requested Confidential Treatment of Materials Submitted;

TAB 6:           Fitness Disclosure of Sponsoring Organization;

TAB 7:           Fitness Disclosure of Registry Operator.

TAB 8:           3½" floppy diskettes (IBM high density) and CD-ROMs;

TAB 9:          Payment in the form of a check for USD50,000 

We have exercised our best efforts in completing this application in the short time available.  Should you require further information or clarification regarding any part of the application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with ICANN and to contributing the energy, commitment and resources of DTEC-MFZA and its Dubai Internet City to the betterment of the Domain Name System and the benefit of the Global Internet Community.


Mohammed Al-Gergawi

Director General
Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce
& Media Free Zone Authority

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