Lars Olof Känngård


Business Development Manager
Executive Project Director 

Dubai Internet City


Mr. Känngård, a national of Sweden, has been involved at a executive level in planning and implementing electronic systems, routines and development concepts since the early 1980s. However, his professional involvement in highly sophisticated IT solutions began already in mid-1970s.

A summary of some of Mr. Känngård’s wide-ranging achievements are identified below:

1978:Developed the first security system for distribution of home video cassettes, launched in Scandinavian by Pressbyrån, as well as all Shell service stations and major radio / TV outlets.

1982: With a team of programmers, launched the first public BBS system in Scandinavia. This was the first public BBS Service with mail and electronic conference system in "Europe". Later sponsored by Digital Equipment, with a VAX-computer.

1985 – 1989:Founded Voicemail Svenska ab and The Institute For The Future, focusing on  building up public voice related services.  Jointly with Ericsson and Scandinavian Airline System (SAS),  we were the first to launch customer applications via the use of touch tone and rotary telephone.  During this time, also co-founded Voicemail Association (VMA), of which all European PTTs are still members.

1988:Implemented the first real public outsourcing of a governmental service for the social security system in Sweden. 

1989 – 1992:
President for ESSELTE VOICE AB, a divisionof ESSELTE INFO. Launched the 900 and 800-services with Audiotex Voice Response Services in 9 European countries. Started up larger Fulfillment Centers which handled complete transactions and functions for the customers, such as order, customer support, telemarketing, as well as market research and public surveys. All the work and system solutions, in most cases, were based on DEC Digital Equipment. All the public Voicemail, Audiotex and Voice Response centers were between the early 1980s up to 1989 fully built on Pdp1184 and VAX. Built up back-office utilities including software and educational programs for staff to train them to handle research from remote centers regarding  consumers’ media behavior on a daily basis. 

1993 – 1996: Built up infrastructure for Telitel’s (the first Pan-European teleoperator) IT operations, as well as building infrastructure for corporate and public outsourcing. Innovator and main driving force behind GTi/Electrum, one of the owners of Telitel AB, in Sweden.

1996 – 1998: Founded and started up Trendit Research Sweden ab, the first market and consumer research and survey company with a full-fledged IT solution. The system solution, designed by Mr. Kanngard was developed by a team of programmers covering telephony, with operator-controlled voice function and a software which allowed TV broadcasting companies to bring in graphical animations into the studio direct from a remote center, where they conducted the survey.

1982 – 1998: Involved in regional planning programs for municipalities, as well in the development phase of the European Commission’s program for thinly populated areas.


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