Ahmad Abdulla BINBAYAT


Dubai Internet City


August 21, 2000/Monday – GULF NEWS

Ahmad Abdulla Binbayat, former Etisalat senior executive, is now Dubai Internet City’s (DIC) chief executive officer.

“Binbayat was selected as CEO due to his wide experience in the field of Internet, communication and information,” said Mohammed Gergawi, Technology, E-commerce and Media Free Zone Authority director general and DIC chairman. 

“Binbayat’s excellent educational background, leadership qualities and high technology skills gained him many big achievements in Etisalat. His appointment falls in line with the Technology, E-commerce and Media Free zone Authority’s administrative strategy,’ according to a DIC statement.

“It is aimed at attracting talented and educated UAE national cadre to work at the free zone due for opening in October end,’ Gergawi said.

Binbayat is a U.S. graduate in IT and management and has been involved in network and IT planning and developing sales group throughout his work experience.


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