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- TKS : Turn Key Solutions

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A strong potential for development


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ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


CORE Council of Registrars


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Visit our site : TLDnames.com







7WAYS is a French company located in Sophia Antipolis, the famous "European Telecom Valley" in the south of Europe, specialized in developing internet solutions for companies.

Through its registration platform, TLDnames.com, the company commercializes domain names under .com, .org, .net. 7WAYS has been operational since December 1999 and is an accredited ICANN and CORE Registrar. It is also accredited by AFNIC for French national registration under .fr.


High technology

7WAYS technology is backed by recognized expertise in network security and transactional applications (payment, identification, authentification).


TLDnames is the first and only domain name registration site where registrations, modifications, administrative management and payment via an electronic wallet are fully automatized and easily accessible in real time through the web. Over 10 000 professionals now use the secured electronic wallet.


“Domain name registration on WAP”

Internet projects are thriving, and it is not unusual to see people decide to get on the Net after talking about it with friends over dinner or a drink. As the hard law of the Internet is “first come, first served”, 7WAYS has set up the first and only domain name registration platform through mobile. From now on you can check, register and pay for your domain name in a complete secured way : http://wap.tldnames.com.


“Email : the reseller solution”

7WAYS is eager to supply internet professionals with supple solutions so it has developped a Registration system thtat integrates all eseller internet site configurations. This blank interface lets the reseller develop his domain name registration activity without informing the client of his reseller status. Exchanges between the reseller site and the TLDnames registration platform are by encrypted email and it is an automated process. It takes less that 3 seconds to create a domain name.


“TKS : Turn key solutions”

Apart from registering domain names, the company’s technological expertise, recognized worldwide, prompts many large groups to solicit 7WAYS to find turn key solutions or help them overcome technological barriers.







“Centercard : an innovative project”

7WAYS has created CenterCard for business centers. This project was immediately supported by the Ernst an Young firm. With the needs of mobile workers throughout the world in mind, the platform integrates multimedia services. This is due to 3 complementary points.

-         control authentification and security ensured by smart card

-         access at a distance to all secured information via Internet.

-         the use of human resources physically available in the Business Centers which guarantees them the best ‘time to market”.


CenterCard was placed among the 30 best projects (out of 300) during the “Tremplin Entreprises” convention which was organized by the SENAT on June 29-30, 1999.

It also ranked among the 20 best European projects (out of over 500) during the Paris “Capital-It” event in October 1999.



Intervieuw :

As Eric LANTONNET, 7WAYS President and Managing director explains : “our ambition is to carry through our innovative projects such as CenterCard and to develop and improve domain name registration system on the Net. In substance, requests are flowing in and “the whole planet wants to be a reseller through TLDnames.com”.


Olivier HOCH, 7WAYS General Manager says : “we have concentrated our creative efforts to find solutions rather than produce a product. To do this, we have developed an aggressive strategic employment policy that attracts leading internationally recognized engineers. Our technological and industrial alliance policy allows us to bring our partners speedy integration which guarantees them the best “Time to market”.


7WAYS gives a dynamic input to the internet world while meeting the criteria of the global stakes involved, “explains François COLLIGNON, executive member of the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE) and vice president of the Internet European Business Association, he concludes that “7ways even ensures the high-tech leadership that influences the evolution on Internet”.


A strong potential for development

The 7ways team is situated in the World Trade Center, in the heart of the Sophia Antipolis technology park. It consists of about 15 people and intends to increase the team over the next 2 years.


The first group of investors invested 2,7 million French francs in August 1999. Further investments are in view for the CenterCard project, which is to be funded by 30 million French francs.








Eric LANTONNET : specialized in human relations


Insurance Agent for selling financial products, he then joined a stock distribution firm supplying companies. He started his own short supply distribution business.

He contributes to the group a solid negotiating experience, a network of professional relationships and managerial skills in administrative and logistic difficulties.


Olivier HOCH : specialized in high-technology project management.


After being in charge of management at Texas Instruments and in the Zambon group, he became a financing and management consultant in research for creating innovative companies. He has successfully directed several major projects such as creating a European Military marketing information system. He contributes his expertise in putting into operation large projects and rationalizing their objectives.


Edouard GALERA : distinguished technological research and development expert.

He started by designing electronic systems and became a consultant specialized in applications and material connected with network security. He has directed the setting up of the access control system for the European Parliament, and the US army Air Force bases. As a pioneer in the first Internet electronic payment applications, he contributes a technological expertise beyond measure and the capacity to rapidly set up complex projects. Through his competence he has built up a relational network of top level research workers and engineers, some of whom have joined the group.




Supervising council

(Management and alliances)


Mr François-luc COLLIGNON (International Lobbying)

Executive member of CORE, Vice president of the European Internet Business Association.


Mr Nicolas DOURASSOFF (Strategic alliance advisor)

Founder Abn-Amro Investments & CEO Axiohm.


Mr Jacques TASSI (President)

Partner in the Ernst & Young Group, founder of Start-up Connection


Mr Paul CALLAGHAN (Industrial strategy advisor)

Vice President and Europe Motorola operations director, portable division (pending the final legal decision of Motorola).