September 21, 2000




Frank Corsini

Chief Executive Officer


Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP

222 Kearny Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

Dear Frank:

We are delighted you have selected Crowe-Innes & Associates LLC to recruit your senior management team and oversee your technical recruiting needs through our strategic alliance with TechFinders in San Francisco.

As you know, one of Crowe-Innes & Associatesí strengths is our innovative and thorough approach to attracting top talent in this competitive talent market. As a result, we have established an outstanding reputation and proven track record of success not only with your company but also a multitude of other emerging growth companies. We are confident we will add immediate value in addressing DotYPís human capital needs.

Frank, Crowe-Innes & Associates LLC will deliver the high standards of excellence we know you and Steve Wozniak value. The entire Crowe-Innes & Associates team is very excited and fully committed to assume immediate responsibility for playing a significant role in contributing to the success of DotYP.

Best regards,



Jenny Crowe-Innes