Questions to and Answers from Applicant for .firm, .game, .inc, and others

ICANN Questions:

ICANN is in the process of reviewing Eastern Communication's TLD Application. As outlined in the October 23, 2000 TLD Application Review Update which appears at http://www.icann.org/tlds/tld-review-update-23oct00.htm, ICANN may "gather the additional information [it] require[s] by posing specific questions to applicants in e-mail and requesting a written response."

Keeping in mind the goal to evaluate applications to operate or sponsor new TLDs in as open and transparent a manner as possible, both the questions posed by ICANN and the Applicant's responses will be publicly disclosed on the ICANN website.

Accordingly, ICANN requests your reponses to the following questions:

1. Identify and summarize Applicant's assumptions with respect to the existence of other general purpose TLDs in determining the total number of registrations in your application.

2. State in detail your position as it relates to possible legal claims by certain applicants and/or non-applicant third parties based on alleged trademark, patent or other violations of purported rights in the TLDs identified in your application.

3. If you receive a new TLD, state whether you will indemnify ICANN for claims arising from legal challenges regarding your right to operate the new TLD. If you will indemnify ICANN, identify and describe in detail the resources you propose to utilize for the indemnification.

Eastern Communications Responses:

1. With respect to the existence of other gTLDs, the total number of registrations in each new TLDs we proposed will respectively reach:


      new gTLD name          number of registration


       .firm                 2,000,000      

       .game                 2,000,000

       .inc                  4,000,000

       .info                 4,000,000

       .ltd                  6,000,000

       .news                 7,000,000

       .shop                15,000,000

       .store               10,000,000

       .tour                 7,000,000

       .tel                150,000,000

2. We don't think there are any violations of third parts' trademark, patent, or other rights in our application. We think that any trademark owners only have the rights on the products which they have registered, but they have no rights on TLDs.

3. We accept all clauses in ICANN-NSI agreements.

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