Appendix 1

Registry Functions


NS and/or MIT will build a shared registry system (SRS) for the purposes of registering domain names and name servers in the .geo top level domain (TLD).  NS and/or MIT will also deploy a worldwide network of name servers for the purposes of resolving DNS queries to the .geo TLD from Internet users. 



The key components of the SRS are:

·      Geographically diverse, redundant data centers with a high level of physical security and appropriate environmental conditions

·      Network access for GeoRegistries and Accreditation Authority

·      System interface for GeoRegistries - using a "to-be-developed" protocol based on XML (XRP)

·      Security for the GeoRegistries and Accreditation Authority and the information that’s transmitted to the provider

·      Master DB - this will contain key names, geoRegistry information, transaction information, and domain name and name server assignments, as well as other related information.  This is a fat registry model. 

·      WhoIs DB

·      Billing DB

·      Master Zone File

·      Zone file deployment systems


The key functions of the SRS are:

·      Engineer, deploy, and maintain key components of SRS

·      Engineer and deploy network and system capacities and capabilities to meet agreed upon service levels

·      Provide periodic reports regarding the agreed upon service levels

·      Implement the business rules and processes determined by the Sponsor

·      Add, modify, and delete names

·      Respond to queries regarding which names and GeoRegistries are registered within a cell

·      Create and deploy zone file updates to a worldwide network of TLD name servers

·      Escrow database and application software with 3rd party vendor

·      Provide customer care for the registry-related needs (incl. technical and billing) of interconnected geo Registries

·     Bill and collect fees from GeoRegistries on behalf of the Sponsor, with receipts directly deposited to Sponsor's accounts

·     NS and/or MIT's remittances will be paid at the end of each day based on funds received in Sponsor's account on the previous day.

·      Provide Sponsor view access for billing data related to geoRegistry accounts

·      Provide GeoRegistries view access for current account information

·      Help desk support for GeoRegistries – including initial testing and operational maintenance

·      Help desk support for GeoRegistries – including deployment and maintenance of interfaces and accounts

·      Network and systems management, monitoring, trouble reporting, and trouble shooting


Name Server

The key components of the name server network are:

·      Multiple, geographically diverse, highly secure name server locations

·     TLD zone files updated on a regular basis

·      Highly diverse and redundant Internet access to name servers for Internet users


The key function of the name server network is to:

·      Resolve DNS queries from Internet user for specific GeoRegistry servers