II.2    Business Plan for the Proposed Registry Operations (RFP Section D13.2)

JVTeam has developed a registry solution which incorporates realistic business goals, thorough market analysis as well as comprehensive financial and operational planning.

The success of a competitive registry environment and the introduction of new TLDs is not just dependant on good ideas. It requires detailed analysis, understanding and planning for all components of the registry. It also requires a substantial commitment of time, resources and people. JVTeam has carefully considered all of these issues in its approach by leveraging our existing knowledge of registry operations, by undertaking market research and most importantly by thinking through the implications of our choices. The decisions we have made represent, we believe, the best available and most sound solution, one which will ensure the stable and successful introduction of new top level domains. This section provides explicit detail of our business planning and an explanation of how we will achieve our goal of providing the next generation registry. Following is an overview of issues discussed in this section.

JVTeam's suite of registry services will provide the registrar community with access to the highest standards of support, security and administration. In addition, these services will be provided in an entirely neutral and even-handed manner. The JVTeam registry will maintain a tight customer focus in all its operations and will cultivate effective two-way communication between registrars and the registry.

In order to facilitate the timely provision of the registry's services, we have carefully evaluated the requirements for resources, capital expenditure, facilities and people. Our plans incorporate details of exactly what the registry will need and how.  JVTeam will acquire and fund each and every component. JVTeam will implement proven program management techniques to maintain a balance between the needs of our customers and the resources required to meet those needs. 

Our revenue analysis and projections are founded on intensive market profiling, bottom up forecasting and a rigorous analysis of market sensitivities and dependencies. We have been meticulous in understanding the addressable market for the new TLD and have developed a revenue model that will ensure the registry is both competitive and commercially viable.

While the JVTeam registry is committed to success, we are also cognizant of the fact that any successful business plan must take into account both current and future risks. Our approach to risk management includes proven techniques for identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks and potential risks on an ongoing basis.

JVTeam's business plan is designed to ensure success for both the registry and the current program for introducing new TLDs. The JVTeam registry will contribute responsibly to the evolution of the domain name system and a competitive registry environment for the benefit of the whole Internet community.