u            JVTeam is committed to a long-term relationship with ICANN and the Internet community.

u            JVTeam is committed to the introduction of the next generation registry system.

u            JVTeam is committed to a large upfront investment to ensure the stability of the Internet.

u            A long term commitment allows JVTeam to provide below market rates for more functionality at quantity one pricing

II.2.10        Term of Registry Agreement (RFP Section D13.2.10)

JVTeam is committed to a long-term relationship with ICANN and the Internet community and recommends a term of no less than five years with an automatic renewal providing the JVTeam delivers a high quality of service and meets all of its obligations.

In order to ensure the stability and integrity of the DNS, JVTeam is committed to the large, upfront investment required to implement a world-class registry operation.  JVTeam would like to see this commitment matched by an appropriate registry agreement term.

Due to the historical circumstances of the current TLD DNS space and the transition of its administration from a single entity into a registry/registrar model, the current registry agreement is for a four-year term.  JVTeam believes this should not have a bearing on new registry agreements since the current circumstances are entirely different.  New registry agreements should take into account the current program’s goals of introducing competition, enhancing functionality, and ensuring stability.  An agreement term of less than five years would significantly impede the realization of all these objectives.  JVTeam is acutely conscious of the immense responsibility attached to its successful introduction and the need for a long-term relationship between ICANN and the registries it appoints.

Vendors who do not have the industry knowledge and understanding of the current operational problems with the registry/registrar model may not recognize the need to move away from the current RRP system. Conversely, they may propose a simple out-of-the-box solution identical to the current RRP that requires lesser financial commitments. Those vendors may be willing to commit to a short-term agreement that is not in the best interest of ICANN or the Internet community as a whole.

JVTeam expects to provide superior-quality services on “Day 1.”  We intend to improve functionality continually in order to process higher volumes of registrations in the future. In order to deliver a robust, scalable, and reliable registry system during the land rush period that resolves problems never experienced by the current TLD registry, JVTeam will introduce the next generation registry system and make necessary investments.

The JVTeam is able to provide below market rates because its business plan and investment are predicated on serving multiple TLDs over a long time frame.  The economies of scale associated with these high volumes and long time frame are represented in the overall pricing structure.

Assuming the JVTeam is able to provide a high quality of service at competitive market rates and is able to meet all of its accreditation obligations it would seek the right to have an automatic renewal provision that rewards these qualities.

JVTeam is a company that looks forward to working with ICANN and the Internet community on a long-term basis.  We are fully committed to the betterment and enhancement of the DNS system; therefore, we are proposing a term of registry agreement which seeks to ensure stability and growth.