II.4.2                                    References (RFP D13.4.2)

JVTeam’s solid trade credit references are a reflection of the high regard in which its parent companies, Melbourne IT and NeuStar are held and directly attributable to their commitment of integrity.  JVTeam brings a solid history of trade, credit, and client references gleaned through its parent companies NeuStar and Melbourne IT.

In order to introduce a new TLD successfully and at the same time ensure the stability and integrity of the Internet, ICANN needs to select a vendor with adequate financial backing and a proven track record, supported by significant trade and credit references.

Vendors without extensive experience developing and running large-scale operations may not have the significant trade and credit references needed to successfully meet ICANN’s requirements.  Other vendors may have all the necessary trade and credit references but will lack the neutral third-party component necessary to foster competition due to their use of proprietary technology that is not based on open standards. JVTeam has both.

Clearly ICANN recognizes that the selected vendor must have strong financial backing to ensure the successful and stable introduction of the new TLD. JVTeam brings an internationally diversified and financially stable history from its founding companies, NeuStar and Melbourne IT.

JVTeam has the financial resources and operating capabilities to ensure the stability of the Internet and at the same time ensure that services are provided in a neutral, evenhanded manner.

The following is a list of JVTeam’s significant trade and credit references.  <-- We have provided our client references in this “confidential” section as well in an effect to minimize the amount of confidential information in the main body of our response.  We respect ICANN’s intention to post these responses on the web and wanted to make as much of the proposal as possible available for public review.





Melbourne IT

Stratus Capital

P.O. Box 247

Louisville, CO  80027

Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd

Level 37/360 Elizabeth Street

Melbourne  VIC 3000

Evolving Systems Inc.

Department 271

Denver, CO 80291-0271

Global Center Inc.

141 Caspian Court

Sunnyvale CA 94089



Melbourne IT

Fifth Third Leasing Company

38 Fountain Square Plaza, MD 10905A

Cincinnati, OH  45263

Micro-Tech Computer Group

343 Victoria Street

West Melbourne  

Victoria 3003


First Union National Bank, VA 1993

1970 Chain Bridge Road

McLean, VA  22102


Qantas Airways Limited

Private Bag 747


New South Wales 2020






Melbourne IT


Intuit, Inc.


Verio Inc.

U S WEST (Quest)

Affinity Internet Inc.