II             Business Capabilities and Plan (RFP Section D13)

The NeuStar/Melbourne IT Joint Venture (henceforth the JVTeam) has the requisite and proven capability, experience, and integrity to meet and exceed the responsibilities and requirements posed by ICANN in its request for a registry for new TLD services to ensure the registry is an incontrovertible success

The domain name system is more complex than most people realize. Although the Internet has grown exponentially over recent years, the growth of the domain name system it relies upon has been hampered by conflicting interests, standards, and opinions which threaten to endanger its future stability and utility. For competition to be introduced successfully at the registry level, the selected registry operator must have a proven ability to function efficiently in this complex environment and facilitate the controlled, systematic evolution of the DNS.  The domain name system is unique; only a handful of organizations in the world specialize in its operation.  Historically, the domain name registry business has not been a competitive one; few registries have successfully provided domain name services in a manner perceived by consumers to be fair and even-handed.  In many cases this is simply a lack of experience and a failure to understand the technical, operational, and policy issues required by the administrators of a domain space.

To be successful, a new TLD registry must incorporate a comprehensive understanding of domain names and their administration. Simply allowing for the establishment of a database record is not enough; it also must address the long term management issues associated with servicing domain names throughout their entire life cycle. These include registrar transfers, renewals, cancellations, policy changes, and all the other administrative issues associated with domain name management.  In addition, to meet previously unmet needs, a registry must be able to design, build, and administer a robust database, requiring extensive software development and infrastructure management capacity that is accessible by multiple, external organizations. A registry is not merely a records repository; it must ensure the security of personal contact data and license holder information, provide the facility for that data to be accessed by multiple customers in real-time, ensure that access to the data is not hampered by system outages or unnecessary downtime, and be capable of maintaining the physical infrastructure to support all of its operations. In addition, the registry operator must be capable of designing and building a database that can scale seamlessly in response to the exponential growth of the Internet.  JVTeam is that registry.

JVTeam offers an intimate understanding of the DNS environment combined with a proven record of registry operations that will ensure the stability of the Internet by providing a reliable, robust, and scalable infrastructure.  JVTeam has a demonstrated history of developing and maintaining complex databases, designing software solutions, and providing effective management and policy implementation for equitable administration of critical public resources.  More importantly, JVTeam understands that to maximize global acceptance and participation, the TLD registry must be administered with integrity.  In order to cultivate a truly competitive registrar environment, the TLD registry must assume the role of responsibly managing the public resource entrusted to its care.  It must do so by demonstrating that it can operate in an entirely impartial manner as a trusted third party.  JVTeam founded its business operations on integrity and neutrality.  Our viability as a company and our reputation is dependent on our neutrality.

JVTeam will leverage its experience and reputation as a trusted third party to ensure that the introduction of new TLDs is an unquestioned success.  We have the credentials, experience, and resources necessary to deliver in accordance with the stated objectives of ICANN.  As described in this document, our strong business and marketing plans will facilitate the broad market acceptance and promotion of diversity in the new TLD namespace, and substantiate JVTeam's corporate commitment to ensuring the successful introduction and ongoing operation of the new TLD registry.