II.2.7          Plans for Acquiring Necessary Systems and Facilities (RFP Section D13.2.7)

JVTeam has world-class systems and facilities, ideal for the registry service operation located in Virginia, Illinois, and Melbourne, Australia, featuring ample space and high-availability data services in a professional, secure and productive environment.


JVTeam's day-one facilities will be located in Sterling, Virginia, Chicago, Illinois, and Melbourne, Australia.  The primary facility designed to house all core business, system development, and operational staff will be located in Sterling. This main facility will house the primary data center with a secondary data center facility located in Chicago. These sites along with our site in Australia were built specifically for critical registry service operations.  Our data centers incorporate high-availability power, redundant high-capacity heating, ventilation, air conditioning and superior lighting.  When selecting the sites, we considered their inherent resistance to natural and man-made disasters.  Security and fire detection and suppression systems are integral aspects of our data center operations.

JVTeam has constructed a demand/cost matrix to ensure our financial ability to meet growth demands.  As noted in our business plan, we will expand our facilities as volumes warrant to meet future capacity needs.  This strategy gives JVTeam the flexibility of making capital investments when necessary, which adheres to our financially prudent investment strategy.  Future facilities will be located in Europe, Asia and other international locations to increase the usefulness of the registry services globally.  These facilities will have the same high-quality data services and secure environment as current facilities.


JVTeam will use a combination of commercial, off-the-shelf and custom-built systems to operate the registry service. In certain instances, JVTeam will purchase proven, off-the-shelf hardware and software from vendors who are widely respected in the industry and have demonstrated capability and commitment to providing high-quality products and services.  In addition, we will utilize our in-house research engineers to undertake product evaluation and benchmarking activities to ensure that all off-the-shelf products meet our strict standards of quality and service. To ensure continued operations, JVTeam will negotiate contracts with precisely defined maintenance agreements and other conditions of ongoing support.

In situations where commercial products are not available, JVTeam will custom build the systems. JVTeam is comprised of a strong team of experienced professionals who have demonstrated prior successes in deploying and delivering technically and functionally complex systems for a wide array of applications.  The methods and techniques used in managing projects were the primary reasons for the successes achieved.  Please refer to Section IV.1 for JVTeam's project management approach which highlights our organization's management capability and competency to design and build systems that are of any size, scope, or complexity.


JVTeam does not intend to outsource custom development or operation of any significant portion of the registry.   Please refer to the cost section for pricing estimates.

II.2.8          Staff Size/Expansion Capability (RFP Section D13.2.8)

Information about staff resources, capacity for expansion, hiring, training, etc., can be found under Registry Operator's Proposal Section II.1.7.

II.2.9          Availability of Additional Management Personnel (RFP Section D13.2.9)

Information about the availability of additional management personnel can be found under Registry Operator's Proposal Section II.1.7.