"Conclusion 25.  In cooperation with other appropriate bodies, UNCTAD should encourage the adoption of open data standards, e-signatures, and new Internet developments (e.g., new Top-Level Domains such as ".geo") where these would assist in opening up the e-tourism marketplace, taking into account in particular the development dimensions of the sector; and ensure that e-commerce serves equitably the needs of developed and developing nations, and can contribute to social and environmental accountability within the tourism industry."

Expert Meeting on Electronic Commerce and Tourism

 Recommendations to UNCTAD 

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

 Geneva, 18-20 September 2000 (TD/B/COM3/EM.9/L.1)






"I find the .geo initiative really interesting.  .geo is compatible with UNESCO purposes and can be a great help in this concern. At this stage, we cannot formally endorse it. We can only warmly support the initiative. But UNESCO in principle is interested to examine the possibility, to become a member of the .geo Council   to help evolve the .geo in the public interest."


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