Appendix A

Descriptions of Member Registrars, a division of G+D International LLC

                1stDomain.Net, a division of G+D International LLC, specializes in worldwide Name Registration services to the public and to Reseller Partners. 1stDomain.Net is located in Hawaii`s Maui Research Technology Park, site of the world's second most powerful supercomputer center, with fast connections to the global markets in East and West. Together with its affiliate company Aktiv GmbH, located in Europe and founding member of CORE, 1stDomain.Net offers an international network of customer service and support.

Corporate Domains, Inc.

                Corporate Domains is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporation Service Company, a Wilmington, Delaware based provider of business formation and registered agent services. For over one hundred years, CSC has served the needs of individuals and businesses seeking to establish and maintain a corporate presence in various jurisdictions. In recent years, CSC and its subsidiaries have focused on the Internet as a means of bringing greater efficiency to the services they provide. Corporate Domains' Internet domain name registration services are a natural extension of those efforts.

Domain Bank, Inc.

                Domain Bank, Inc., incorporated in 1997, is a founding member of the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE). The company began registering domain names in July, 1999 as a member of CORE, one of the five testbed registrars selected to introduce competition into the domain name registration market. In August 1999, Domain Bank received its ICANN accreditation and began registering domain names directly to the registry, becoming the first non-testbed registrar to do so. The company is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

DomainInfo AB

                DomainInfo is one of the companies in the company group House of Ports AB, which is primarily focused around intellectual property, domain services and Web hosting. DomainInfo is located in Sweden and has been in the domain business since 1997. It is also one of the leading domain registrars in Europe and processes domain applications in all open top level domains, both ccTLD and gTLD.

DomainPeople Inc.

                DomainPeople, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of NetNation Communications, Inc., (NASDAQ: NNCI) was the eighth accredited and operational registrar in the world. With offices in London, England, Vancouver, Canada, and San Diego USA, DomainPeople is well positioned to serve the global demand for domain name resellers, and individuals and businesses requiring global Top Level Domain names (.com, .net, and .org).

Domain Registration Services

                Domain Registration Services is an ICANN and Network Solutions Licensed Registrar for .com, .net, and .org domains.

Enter-Price Multimedia AG (EPAG)

                The EPAG Enter-Price Multimedia AG was founded in May 1999 as an Internet service provider (ISP) with the purpose of setting up regional POPs in Hamburg and Düsseldorf, Germany. The original business purpose was the provision of Internet access and Web hosting; these services are now provided by EPAG-Online. EPAG has positioned itself as a professional B2B service provider in the area of 'identity on the Internet' in order to use its status as first mover in the dynamic market for the assignment of international TLDs. Thus, EPAG distinguishes itself from the common strategy of positioning Internet services as a purely price-sensitive commodity. EPAG's current headcount is 18 employees.

Internet Council of Registrars (CORE)

                CORE was created as a result of an open and neutral process launched by the Internet International Ad Hoc Committee in early 1997, which set forth CORE's status as a not-for-profit association under Swiss law, its conditions of membership, and its charter documents. During the second half of 1997, 88 applications for membership in CORE were approved by an independent reviewer, and CORE was founded in October 1997. CORE operates a shared registrar registration system, which currently handles over 800,000 domain names. From the start, CORE has been set up separate from, and not controlled by, any of the organizations that participated in the IAHC, and the members of CORE are in no way related to the organizations involved in the IAHC.

interQ Inc.

                interQ Incorporated is a "Total Internet Infrastructure Company" that operates a network of over 110 regional Points of Presence with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. interQ is the largest independent Internet Service Provider, a leading hosting company and the number one registrar of gTLD names in Japan. Its motto is, "Internet for Everyone.", Inc.

                Since it was founded in 1995, Namesecure, one of the first domain registration companies to be accredited by ICANN, has become one of the largest and fastest growing domain name registrars in the world. In addition to providing state-of-the-art name search capabilities and a painless registration process, Namesecure provides its customers with the highest level of personalized care including 24x7x365 customer support by phone and a complete package of services tailored to meet the needs of the small business, home office and individual user. Namesecure offers Web site and email forwarding, Web hosting, and many other useful tools and resources designed to provide customers with a one-stop-shop to assist them as they develop and grow their Internet identity or business. Namesecure's ever-expanding list of strategic business partnerships, alliances, and affiliations, currently includes, among others: the Lycos Network, Netopia and Hostways. Namesecure is a privately held company located in Concord, California.

Netnames International Ltd.

                NetNames was formed in 1995 in London and acquired by Netbenefit in 2000. NetNames has about 170 staff located in London, Boston, New York and Sydney. Its specific focus is on serving the domain name needs of brand owners and it offers specialized searching and monitoring services for intellectual property purposes.

Network Solutions, Inc. Registrar Operations

                Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, the Network Solutions Registrar has registered domain names for a global customer base since 1992. It serves the worldwide Internet community and partners with national and international companies to provide a range of domain name products and services. Network Solutions recognizes the power of the Internet to unite businesses and individuals around the world, and strives to connect and serve these groups.

Polar Software Ltd d/b/a Signdomains.Com

                Polar Software Ltd. belongs to the reputed POLAR Group of India which is a true blend of the old and the new, of traditional business with the Internet age. A leader in diversified industries with various firsts; POLAR adds another feather to its cap by being the first Indian company to apply for ICANN accreditation. Polar Software Ltd. has high aspirations to become a global leader in Domain name registration business by providing registration in various languages and country specific links and languages as well. PSL will be providing registration services through its site and through various strategic offices, supported by a number of resellers and a customer services team for prompt and professional services. PSL aims to become a one stop shop for meeting all Internet core requirements through its highly competent E-Commerce team, including Web hosting and Web site and portal development.

Procurement Services International (Japan), Inc.

                PSI-Japan was formed in 1981 to provide information to foreign governments and business interests of the opportunities to sell their goods to the government of Japan. PSI-Japan was opened to foreign bidders under the Tokyo Round of GATT negotiations. PSI-Japan began using email in 1983, enabling it to provide same-day formatted translations of bid (tender) documents and typesetting services for the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. PSI-Japan's reputation with the European Union grew so that, in 1995, it were made the sole sales agent for Japan for all EU official publications, including CD-ROMs and databases. These publications include those of the EU Trademark Office in Alicante, Spain.

      , Inc. ( provides domain name registration and other Internet services for individuals and businesses that wish to have a unique address and a branded identity on the Internet. also provides telcos, ISPs and other online businesses and communities with the ability to offer, brand and manage their own unique version of the domain registration and Web site creation services. The first registrar to compete in the domain registration market after the US government deregulated the industry in 1999, has processed over 2 million domain registrations. In addition to registering names in the gTLDs, also registers domain names in 160 country code TLDs. The company has business alliances with over 400 companies, including Concentric, Staples, Excite, Bell Atlantic and The Company was founded in 1994 and is based in New York City.

Schlund + Partner AG

                With more than 1 Million domains 1&1 Internet AG together with its subsidiary Schlund + Partner AG is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in Europe. The company offers consumers, manufacturers and freelance professionals a comprehensive spectrum of fully developed online services. 1&1 was founded in 1992 and has nowadays more than 500 employees.


                SiteName is an official registrar of ICANN. SiteName provides it's customers, partners and affiliates with the top leading Internet Top Level Domain Names available .COM .NET .ORG. SiteName is a joint venture of L.M. Services Ltd. and xEcomm Communications Ltd. The combined power and knowledge of those two companies gives SiteName's customers, partners, resellers and affiliates the financial and technical liability resulting in a fruitful, satisfying ongoing co-operation. SiteName's goal is to provide the best, easiest and most cost-effective way for all entities to gain presence on the Web. To do that, not only do SiteName offer its customers, partners and affiliates the simplest and most efficient route to domain name registration, it also provides many supporting programs and products.

Speednames, Inc.

                Speednames has become one of the largest and most advanced international digital domain name registrars with offices in Europe and Asia. The company runs the most versatile search and registration engine in the world. With Speednames, customers can digitally search, register and manage their domain names in more than 110 different top-level domains. Apart from helping companies protect their domain names, individuals can also manage their domain names with Speednames multiple services.

Tucows, Inc.

                Tucows, Inc. is a channel management company with a world-wide network of thousands of affiliates and resellers. Tucows offers wholesale domain-name registration services for both top level domains and country codes. It adds value to the electronic offerings of its network of affiliates by providing a large array of software and other services that can be accessed seamlessly from their Web pages. Tucows sees domain names as the first step in developing trust-based relations between vendors and customers, and helps its affiliates to develop those relationships further.