Appendix B

Class 3 Managers

(3 Year Term)

Robert F. Connelly


Born in Los Angeles, California. Graduated from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with a B.S. in Science; Business courses at UCLA, Instructor in hi-tech manufacturing techniques at USC and Stanford.


Graduated from radio mechanics school. Worked on flight line, maintaining VHF and long-wave communications equipment, LORAN and radio compass on military aircraft. Transferred to Fourth Air Force Headquarters in San Francisco. Trained as IBM Tabulating Machine Operator and worked in that capacity until discharge.


Twenty-nine years in Japan with "Long Term Resident" Visa. Employed by Barclay & Co., Tokyo, Aug. 1971 to Nov. 1977. Formed International Technical Trading, Inc. in 1978 and serve as its President. INTEC imports consumer products from the OECD countries.

Also serve as President of Procurement Services International, Inc., formed in 1981. Until July 1999, "PSI" provided translations of Standards issued by the Government of Japan (GOJ), Telecommunications Interconnect Type Approvals, etc. More importantly, PSI translated those government tenders which are open to foreign competitive bidding under GATT Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), starting in 1981 (subsequently WTO). PSI also provided contract award notices, which became available under the 1987 revision of the GPA. PSI's tender and award notices were published daily in The Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU (OJ-S) and OJ-S CD-ROM, and posted on Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), an on-line database maintained by the EU.

In 1982, established "Govpurch", the first on-line database of Japanese Government Procurement notices, available on Control Data (CDC). Among the first users of Email from Japan when "message switching" was legalized in April of 1983.

Established PSI's first Web site in August 1995. Wrote code for production and formatting of translations by PSI-Japan and PSI-USA. Functionality included relational look-ups for agency names and addresses, industrial product classifications (those "generic" CPV's which some officials would like to omit from SLD's), etc. PSI's work went directly into print in the Official Journal Supplement without verification (other than one percent spot checks). PSI's quality is recognized as the best of any organization formatting tenders for OJ-S. Our work is normally "shipped" via Internet to the EU by 15:30 daily on the same date that it is published in "Kampo" (the Official Gazette of The Government of Japan). It was received in Luxembourg before the start of business the same calendar day and in print in two to three days. (PSI-Japan has a large stake in the stability of the Internet!)

As a direct result of PSI's integrity and its reliable, high quality work over the prior fourteen years, in 1995 the EU appointed PSI as Sales Agent for EU Official books, periodicals, CD-ROM's and data bases (such as TED).

President of Procurement Services International, Inc. (PSI-USA). PSI-USA reformatted U.S. tender and award notices from Commerce Business Daily (CBD) for publication in OJ-S and posting on TED. PSI-USA also markets EU Official CD-ROM's and Off-Line Products.

Hold patents in the U.S., Japan, E.C., U.K., Canada, Israel and Australia covering pollution control, petrochemical processes, contamination test methods, corrosion preventives, sterilization techniques, reverse osmosis and other technologies.

Vice-President of American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) for five years (1983 through 1987), member of Board of Governors for twelve years between 1978 and 1990. Chair of ACCJ Licenses, Patents & Trademarks Committee, 1977 and 1983, Vice-Chair of ACCJ Intellectual Property Committee 1997 and 1998. Returned to BoG for 1999 and 2000.

ACCJ has been described by Ambassadors Mansfield, Armacost, Mondale and Foley as the most important and influential American business organization outside of the United States. ACCJ presently has over 3,000 members representing over 1,000 companies. ACCJ is a part of the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC). Have been a delegate to annual "Door Knock" in Washington D.C. for over fifteen annual visits. During "Door Knock", delegates call on Senators, Representatives, their aides and officers of the Administration. Have been a member of Door Knock teams specializing in Intellectual Property matters, calling on Senators and Representatives who Chair committees responsible for Patents, Trademarks and other Intellectual Property matters.

Co-Chaired Joint U.S./Japan Trade Study Group (TSG) Generic Problem Committee and/or Standards Committee 1979 to 1984. TSG is a bi-national association of Japanese and American officials and business leaders. Member of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Society of Tribology, Western Regional V.P, 1960-62, liaison to Japan Society of Lubrication Engineers (Tribologists). Have served as senior or supporting editor for drafting numerous ASTM and SAE Standards. These are "consensus standards" and require talents of the type which are essential to drafting and resolving different opinions about standards. Also, member of America-Japan Society (Tokyo), the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan. President of Tokyo American Club in 1982 and 1983. Former Governor of Tokyo English Life Line (TELL). Member of Japan-America Society of Southern California. Member of University Club of Washington, D.C. Member of The Internet Society (ISOC).

Founding Secretary of the Policy Advisory Body (PAB) under the Policy Oversight Committee (POC). Our firm was the first to submit its documents to Arthur Andersen and approved as one of the first three members of CORE. I am a member of the Executive Committee of CORE.

Kent Jordan

2711 Centerville Road Suite 400
Wilmington, Delaware 19808
(302) 636-5400
Fax: (302) 636-5454


Vice President and General Counsel, Corporation Service Company ("CSC") (1998 to present), a Wilmington, Delaware based provider of business formation, registered agent, and public document filing and retrieval services. CSC has been instrumental in bringing corporate records management and corporate compliance services to the Internet, assisting over four hundred thousand entities to maintain their businesses in good standing in jurisdictions throughout the world.

Member of the Board of Directors and Trust Committee of The Capital Trust Company of Delaware (2000), an affiliate of CSC offering administrative trust services.


Morris James Hitchens & Williams (Wilmington, Delaware -- Partner -- January 1994 to December 1997; Associate -- June 1992 to December 1993) -- Counsel in corporate, commercial, and intellectual property litigation.

Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Delaware (Wilmington, Delaware -- June 1987 to June 1992; Chief, Civil Division -- 1991 to 1992) -- Counsel for the United States in civil and criminal litigation.

Potter Anderson & Corroon (Wilmington, Delaware - Associate -- September 1985 to June 1987).

United States District Court for the District of Delaware (Wilmington, Delaware - June 1984 to August 1985) -- Law Clerk for the Honorable James L. Latchum, United States District Judge


Service on the boards of various professional associations and charitable organizations


B.A. (with High Honors) - Brigham Young University (1981).

Juris Doctor (cum laude) - Georgetown University Law Center (1984).


Supreme Court of Delaware (1984); United States District Court for the District of Delaware (1985); United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (1988); United States Supreme Court (1994); United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (1995); District of Columbia Court of Appeals (1996).

Richard Lindsay


1997- present interQ inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Director and General Manager, System Division

Sits on Board of Directors, contributing to decisions ranging from policy and long range planning to day to day operational considerations. Manages all day to day activities of the System Division, which consists of the Network Department, and the Development Department. Responsible for the coordination of these departments, and the activities of 25 employees. Responsible for all aspects of the System Division, including running the interQ Network, with 112 local Points of Presence, over 300 MB of upstream Internet connectivity, and about 18,000 access ports. Responsible for all technology issues concerning interQ services and products to include development, operations and maintenance of program development and hardware.

Responsible for all vendor relations including equipment pricing, purchasing and service agreement for contracts of over 80,000,000 Yen per month. interQ representative in all international Internet organizations, including the ICANN, DNSO, CORE, IAJ, APIA, APTLD.

Tokyo, Japan
Director, Network Department:

Directly responsible for all day to day operations of the Network Department, includes operations of a network consisting of hardware worth over $700,000 a multi-homed backbone with over 6.0 Mbps of upstream Internet connectivity, and multiple remote access points. Rapidly built up service to include 8 local Points of Presence, and multiple-homed backbone connectivity.

Recruited and hired a staff of 4, including network engineers and UNiX system administrators. Responsible for all contractual elements of their employment including salary, benefits, vacation time, housing arrangements and others. Responsible for all vendor relations including equipment pricing, purchasing and service agreements. Conducted network consulting for a major customer (ISP with 45 regional POPs) that generated monthly revenues of approximately $150,000 to $200,000, with monthly profits of approximately $50,000 to $75,000.

Tokyo, Japan
Sales and Marketing Representative:

Fully integrated member of all Japanese sales department responsible for sales of Express Courier Products and international air freight. Coordinated communications between US headquarters and Japanese joint venture partner. Responsible for sales department computer systems integration and operation.

Tokyo, Japan
Research Analyst:

As a summer intern, conducted in depth marketing research and developed a plan for the introduction of a new Fuji Xerox product into the overseas market. Prepared and delivered presentations in Japanese to senior administrators describing my recommendations.


Yokota AFB, Japan
Chief, Intelligence Analysis and Estimates:

Researched, prepared and presented weekly briefings to the senior US military officer in Japan.

Led 3 senior intelligence specialists. Liaised with Japanese Self Defense Force Intelligence Units and government officials on critical areas of the US Japan bilateral military relationship.

Rewrote the USFJ threat assessment in order to account for the changes in the regional geo-political sphere with the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the effective end to the cold war.

1989-91 USS MIDWAY, CV-41
Yokosuka NB, Japan
Operations Intelligence Officer:

Directed the operations of the Intelligence Center aboard a forward deployed aircraft carrier.

Led a watch team of 15 Intelligence Specialists during combat operations, including preparing of Strike Briefs, combat mission reports, and Bomb Damage Assessment Reports. Responsible for installation, operations and maintenance of tactical intelligence equipment worth over $15 million, including liaison with government contractor technical representatives.

Multi-Sensor Intelligence Officer:

Responsible for 10 Intelligence Specialists.

Oversaw the emergency, at-sea installation of an advanced Navy Intelligence Processing System in preparation for combat operations during Desert Storm. Responsible for the processing, storage, and safekeeping of highly classified documents. Presented daily intelligence briefs to the ship's executive officer and the senior staff. Also regularly briefed the Captain on time sensitive intelligence data.


Niigata, Japan

Masters of Business Administration: Graduated 2nd out of 50, emphasis on international management and marketing. Participated in advanced intensive Japanese language program. Studied on exchange at UFSIA in Antwerp Belgium.

Norfolk, VA USA

Navy Intelligence Officer Basic Course: Specialized in analysis of geopolitical events, military technology issues, and preparations and presentation of executive level intelligence briefings. Designated as a General Intelligence Officer upon graduation.

Medford, MA USA

Bachelors of Arts in Russian Studies: Graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a double major in History. Studied on exchange at Exeter University, UK, and the former Leningrad State University.


Japanese Passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 2

Russian Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) Level 2+

Masatoshi Kumagai, President interQ Inc.
email:, Phone: 81-3-5456-2687

Tan Tin Wee, University of Singapore,

John Wong



18+ years in-depth experience in areas of product development, project management, technical development, marketing, proposal development, and administration. Extensive experience in all aspects of Internet, client/server, networking, and related technologies.

Technical proficiencies include: Java, client-server, SQL, Unix, DNS/BIND, TCP/IP networking, Cisco IOS, Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP), and others. Product development experience in various client-server applications using Oracle 7 & 8. Hands-on experience with Oracle Internet Commerce Server, Web Application Server, JDeveloper Suite. Cross platform systems integration (Unix, NetWare, NT), internetworking, data communications. ISO-9001 and configuration management (CM). Design and implementation of robust registry database system and connection pool to NSI Registry servers using RRP and clustered Unix technology.

Previous management experience includes project management for software development, data management and support contracts for clients including Westinghouse Electric Corporation, US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of the Navy, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Western Montana Clinic, US Dept of Energy, and others. Managed budget of multi million dollar range.

Founder and President of Domain Registration Service/The WebSite Inc, a profitable internet e-commerce development and domain name registration activity.


University of Pennsylvania - BS Mechanical Engineering with Business minor at Wharton School University of Pennsylvania -MS Engineering program (admitted)

Configuration Management Institute - Certification in CM and ISO-9000


Familiar with ISO-9001 (software quality control).

Founding member Oracle Business Alliance program.

Working experience with FDA 510(k) application and procedures (medical field).

Working experience with HL/7, SCP-ECG technical standards (medical field).

Familiar with generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP).

Several US Patents Pending in the field of TCP/IP and network communications technology.

DOD Security Clearance - Secret.


Michael Stein, IP Attorney, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris LLP

Dr. Mark Sanz, Western Montana Clinic

Olethia Lawson-Brown, Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration

Additional references available upon request.

Class 2 Managers

(2 Year Term)

Thomas A. Barrett

CEO - NetNames International


Launched and led several businesses which help companies manage and protect their brands on the web.

Proven track record in recruiting and building high-performance cross-functional teams

Over 17 years of experience in building complex enterprise-wide systems


Netbenefit PLC. London (2000-Present)

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director. Netbenefit provides web hosting services in the UK and France and domain name services for both gtld's and cctld's, with offices in London, New York, Sydney and Boston.

NetNames International, London and New York (1999-Present)

Chief Executive Officer: Joined company in May, 1999. Engineered sale of company to Netbenefit PLC, a public company on the London Stock exchange. Upon sale completion in January, 2000, joined Netbenefit Board as Executive Director. Consolidated and lead domain name services component of the group business. Focusing NetNames subsidiary on Global Brand Management with a particular focus on country-code tld's. Opened Boston office to focus on product development for intellectual property services.

Thomson & Thomson, North Quincy, MA. (1995-1999)

Leading development of new internet-based businesses for world-leading trademark research business. Part of the Thomson Corporation, a $6 billion conglomerate of 250 companies.

Vice President & General Manager - (1998-1999). Champion and visionary of a new service aimed at helping companies manage their online identities. Conceived new business concept and successfully secured multiple rounds of funding of over $4 million from parent company. Established new offices in downtown Boston. Successfully recruited a management team for engineering, marketing, business development, HR, Finance and business services.

Negotiated and signed partner agreements for target market channels. Developed affiliate network of over 2,500 partners. Launched three products within first year of existence (1998)

Successfully generated positive press, presented speeches and wrote bylined articles to promote business

Vice President: Interactive Media (1995-1997). Led development of SAEGIS, a new 7x24 online trademark service, including components for searchable databases, virtual community, electronic product delivery, online ordering, electronic publications, content management, end-user accounting, billing, customer care, session management and underlying technical architecture. Developed vision, launch strategy, architecture and wrote business plan with five-year financial schedules. Successfully obtained investment of nearly $9 million from parent firm. Recruited and staffed a high-performance team of 30 staff and consultants including software engineers, user interface designers, customer support reps, project managers and content developers. Successfully launched into production services for searching, electronic delivery, weekly publications and electronic workflow. Serving on advisory boards of parent corporation's technical committees including Thomson Labs and Technical Operations Group. Member of advisory board for internet start-up Mainspring Inc. (

Ziff Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA (1993-1995)

Performed technical program and product management for the development of online services including new Interchange Online Network platform, CompuServe and Prodigy.

Product Manager: Managed ZiffNet Software Group with an organization of over 20 full-time personnel. Restructured and directed content acquisition, editorial, production, online community building and systems development. Introduced commercial software to Ziff's on-line channels. Directed market research, license negotiation and marketing. This new on-line feature fueled the growth of the ZiffNet service on CompuServe. Generated annual revenues of $3.5 million representing over 50% of total revenues for the ZiffNet online services. Increased inventory 100% to more than 10,000 reviewed titles. Designed and developed new editorial tools and stream-lined workflow and distribution to Interchange, CompuServe and Prodigy

Program Manager: Performed Program Management during start-up phase of new Interchange On-line Network (later sold to AT&T and Nets Inc.). Tracked 10 distinct development efforts including client and server platforms, event logging, billing, editorial and content. Managed staff of four. Developed new methodologies for online content, identified deliverables, scope and milestones. Performed risk assessments and process improvements for development efforts.

Andersen Consulting, Boston, MA (1989-1993)

Senior Consultant: Developed mission-critical systems for over a dozen clients in publishing, insurance and manufacturing industries. Specialized in business process re-engineering, workflow and document management systems. Gained certifications from APICS (American Production Inventory Control Society) and SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers). Examples of client engagements include:

Encyclopedia Publisher: Project Manager for development of editorial publishing system. Scope included: work flow analysis and process redesign, SGML tagging, document management, UNIX and an object-oriented database.

Mutual Insurance Company: Managed development of an enterprise-wide electronic publishing architecture.

Multinational Chemical & Plastics Manufacturer: Developed functional specification for document management system serving 150 plants world-wide.

Industrial Valve Manufacturer: Project Manager for business re-engineering of product and process design processes.

Canadian Airframe Manufacturer: Project Manager for integrated product development (IPD) prototype. Integrated applications in work flow, parametric CAD, project management, configuration management, methods, engineering analysis and technical documentation.

Helicopter Manufacturer: Member of development team for new UNIX-to-mainframe client/server product. Integrated graphics file management between UNIX workstations and mainframe-based MRP II system.

General Electric Aircraft Engines, Lynn, MA (1985-1989)

CIM Engineer: Designed and implemented factory automation systems for new and existing aircraft engine plants. Received Product Quality Award for "outstanding and long-lasting contribution to product quality."

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, East Hartford, CT (1983-1985)

Automation Engineer: Implemented automated processes to produce gas turbine blades and disks for a new $350 million "lights out" factory.


Harvard Business School, Cambridge. MA. Executive program entitled "Leading Product Development", (July, 1997)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, MS- Mechanical Engineering (1989)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, BS - Mechanical Engineering (1983)


Jonathan Robinson. CEO and Founder: Netbenefit PLC. London, UK.

Association: CEO of acquiring company. Years known: 2 years

Keith Teare. CEO and Founder: Realnames Inc. Redwood City, CA, USA.

Association: Business partner and Non-Executive Director. Years known: 2 years

Nick Copley. COO and Founder: Boston, MA, USA.

Association: Former co-worker. Years known: 3 years

Gabe Sciolla. Former Vice President, Thomson & Thomson. Andover, MA, USA.

Association: Former co-worker. Years known: 5 years

Mickey Beyer Clausen

Co-Founder & Vice President, Business Development
Speednames, Inc.

Mickey Beyer Clausen is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development, Speednames. Mickey's strategic responsibilities in Speednames include establishing and developing worldwide partnerships and relationships.

Since the founding of Speednames, Mickey has successfully formed partnerships with major portals, ISPs and telcos in Europe and Asia Pacific. Mickey also manages the Singapore Business Unit, which covers sales, localization, customer services and business development in Asia Pacific. He is the sole driving force behind the establishment of the Asia Pacific regional office in Singapore.

Prior to joining Speednames, Mickey specialized in e-commerce and was also the Founder of Internet Payment Systems A/S - a leader in online credit card payments and trading systems in Europe with strategic partners such as National Westminster Bank ( and Telia (

When he was an independent e-consultant, Mickey provided strategic counsel for e-venture companies together with the Danish Technological Institute ( and other management consultancy firms.

As a pro-active member of the Danish Marketing Association (, he was the Co-Founder and former Vice Chairman of the Club for Interactive Marketing and to date, he is still an active member of The Representative Board in the Association.

Mickey graduated from Niels Brock (, Denmark, with a Degree in Economics and Management.

Jeff Field

Founder/Chairman, Namesecure, Inc.
1855 Gateway Boulevard, Ste. 1050
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 363-6606


As the Founder and Chairman of Namesecure, Jeff Field has had a hand in virtually every development of the company. From the company's inception in 1995, Jeff's hands-on style, coupled with his keen business sense and his ability to think and act creatively, have helped the company grow to become one of the top domain name registration companies on the Internet.

Unlike many emerging technology companies in and around the Silicon Valley, Namesecure's growth has been smart growth and Jeff has been the key driver of this growth. Years before ICANN created a system for accrediting registrars of domain names, Jeff's entrepreneurial nature helped him see a great opportunity to provide a service and attract a sizeable customer base in the registering of domain names. By the time his company was selected in the first group of registrars to be accredited by ICANN, Jeff already had nearly four years of registration experience and Namesecure had grown its customer base to a substantial level.

As the domain name industry has taken shape over the past couple years, Jeff has been an active participant in the ICANN meetings and its working subgroups. He has also, since its formation, been a member of the Registrar Constituency.

While Jeff's education and experience are far from traditional, the road he has pursued has given him a unique, well-rounded perspective on a wide array of business matters. As a member of the Board, Jeff will prove to be a thoughtful, grounded member with a drive to see the Registry succeed well beyond the current plans.


Businessman & Entrepreneur

1995-Present -- Started Namesecure over five years ago
Was registering domain names even before the advent of registration fees
Was first registration company to offer Web/URL forwarding
Was in the first group of companies to be accredited by ICANN
Over 50 employees

1990-1995 -- Professional independent floor trader of stocks and options at the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco
In-depth understanding of financial markets and related matters
Understands risk-taking and the need to minimize risks that can lead to failure

1983-1989 -- Market-maker of NASDAQ stocks for a regional brokerage firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Helped bring many companies into the public markets
Understands many ways to finance business operations through debt and equity

1976-1982 -- Self-employed owner-operator of 18-wheel semi-trucks hauling wide, high, heavy and long loads across all 48 continental United States, Canada and Mexico.
Considered one of the most grueling occupations, this is exemplary of Jeff's tireless work ethic and motivation to succeed

Expert Resource on Domain Name Registration and Internet-Related Issues
Brings a unique institutional knowledge of the domain name business (since 1995) and in particular, it's evolution out of the government-sanctioned monopoly phase into the current competitive environment
Has closely followed all the various new gTLD proposals that have been raised in the last five years, including the CORE proposal to introduce seven new gTLD's in 1997-1998
Is familiar with the not-accredited-by-ICANN alternative root server and gTLD registry operations
Has thorough knowledge of the US Government's Green Paper, White Paper, and the formation of ICANN
Has a full understanding of the DoC/NSI/ICANN agreements signed at the annual ICANN meeting in Los Angeles in November 1999
Is completely familiar with Intellectual Property issues and concerns
Has a thorough working knowledge of DNS

Industry Influencer

As head of the most experienced registrar based near Silicon Valley, is regularly used as a source for key reporters covering issues pertaining to ICANN and the domain name registration industry

Moshe Fogel


Computer Sciences , Tel Aviv - B.A Degree 1980-1983
Management skills education - Tel Aviv 1993


Moshe Fogel has experience of over 19 years in management and development of information systems, mostly in large systems. He has experienced working both as a software engineer, as well as manager of large groups. Moshe Fogel has experience of over 6 years in Internet technologies (since 1994), developing and managing large projects of Internet/Intranet technologies for large industries, financial institutes and public authorities.

During the last 3 years he has focused on Internet & Intranet solutions & service, managing and marketing of diverse projects and Internet services.


12/98     - CEO and General Manager - xEcomm Communications
              - Co-Founder and VP Marketing & Business Development - SiteName

XEcomm Communications is a startup web technology company that provides web solutions:

e-Commerce applications related to B2B businesses and business intelligence.
Establishment of virtu(re)al communities over the Internet.

Since July 1999, when SiteName was accredited by ICANN, Moshe assumed the role of VP of marketing & Business Development where he is currently responsible for all business management, marketing & sales and business development.

10/96 - 11/98 IBM Israel

Management of the Internet IT department's projects and services domains in IBM Global Network Services (IBM Israel).
Senior Marketing & Project Manager in IBM Internet & Communication Services division. Responsible for the management of all internet/intranet solutions & projects.
Management of large projects
       Worked with business partners and customers.
      Designed projects and solutions regarding inter/intranet environment
      Business development of inter/intranet solutions and services
      Managed intranet projects
Special domain & expertise: Financial and Direct Banking projects, designation and establishment of wide virtual nets and communities, integration of internet technologies with educational and training applications.

6/89 - 9/96 - VISA Israel
Management of Special Projects Department in Visa IS division.
Domains: Communication application, Internet & IVR systems
Management: Manage of large teams in a large and long term projects.
Visa Computational project leader - Leading part of a $50M project: A project over 5 years that included the development, and implementation of VisaCal core IT systems. Approximately 120 professionals worked on the project.

80 - 89 Yaana Computers

Management of Service Chamber Department - operations.
Manager of operation department dealing with software development, customer care, operations, and marketing, for human resources and salary processes. Also, the management and development leader of a large human resources software package.

Eric Schaetzlein

Double nationality, German and French. Born and currently living in Germany.
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany

In 1994, worked at the DENIC Registry, responsible for the task of automating the registration process, developped a system that now in its current version has registered more than 3 million .de domain names.

In 1995, Co-founder of Schlund+Partner. Currently, Senior Manager Domain Services.

Designed and implemented Schlund+Partner's domain registration and DNS system, which currently registered over 1 million domain names.

Co-designed Schlund+Partner's com/net/org Registrar system, providing expertise with the NSI-RRP.

Working with European ccTLDs, like Nominet UK,, SWITCH, DENIC and maintaining the relationship with them.

Private member of ISOC and have attended numerous workshops on political, legal und technical domain name issues, like the ICANN Studienkreis (,ECLIP ( as well as RIPE Meetings.

Schlund+Partner is a member of DENIC, Nominet UK, RIPE NCC, DE-CIX, and as an ICANN accredited Registrar member of the Registrars Constituency of the DNSO.S+P, acting as a registrar and technology provider is a wholly owned subsidary of the ASP 1&1 Internet AG (a member of the United Internet Holding), currently Germany's biggest registrar of domain names.

Class 1 Managers

(1 Year Term)

Phillipp Grabensee


As of October 1,1999: Partner at the law firm Schumann II, Heller, Strittmatter, Grabensee, which specialized in IP law and criminal law in connection with the internet

March 1 1997, - Sept. 30 1999 Employed by law firm Hahn-Fehlau, Bock & Partner, Duesseldorf, as attorney at law with main emphasis corporate and criminal law

June 1 - October 30, 1992 Internship: Deutsche Bank, New York


April 1, 1995 - January 31,1997 Clerked for a judge at a Federal Appeals Court (Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf)

Second state examination on February 10, 1997

Study: legal science and philosophy

1991-1995 Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

First state examination on January 10, 1995

1988-1991 Freie Universität Berlin


1979-1988 Görres Gymnasium, Duesseldorf

Degree: examination qualifying for enrollment at university

1986-1987 Pasadena High School, Los Angeles, scholarship from the German Parliament and the American Congress

1975-1979 Grundschule Ehrenstrasse, Duesseldorf, Catholic primary school


Involved in various organizations in the German Civil Rights Community, and member of the task force criminal law at the German Bar Association (AG Strafrecht des Deutschen Anwaltsvereins)


Professor at the Akademie für Marketing und Kommunikation, Köln teaching IP and Internet law

"Govinda" Frauke Leopold

155 Wailea Ike Pl 160
Wailea, HI 96753
(808) 875-6303


Language College, Hamburg Germany. Major: English
Vema Institute, Hamburg Germany. Business Management Administration. Major: Marketing.


Marketing Manager, Centurion GmbH, Hamburg Germany
Responsible for Marketing Planning and Marketing Budgets for Trade Shows.

CEO, Centurion GmbH, Hamburg Germany
Organized and promoted trade shows and conventions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

CEO, Aktiv GmbH, Hamburg Germany
Established company as founding member of CORE, Internet Council of Registrars.

CEO, G+D International LLC, Hawaii U.S.A.
Accredited the US company with ICANN, to become a domain name registrar with its division 1stDomain.Net.


Hawaii High Tech Trade Association

Lahaina Yacht Club


Larry Gilbert, Gilbert & Associates. Wailuku Hawaii.

Ron Kawahara, Ronald A. Kawahara & Co. CPAs Inc. Lahaina Hawaii.

Annalena Zanolini, Bank of Hawaii. Kihei Hawaii.

Gerhard Frohlich, Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert, Attorneys at Law - A Law Corporation. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Joseph Kibur

Experience September 2000- NetNation Communications
Vancouver, BC
Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for managing NetNation's national and international offices, various subsidiaries, major product lines including domain registration, web hosting and co-location.
Identifying and executing key strategies to fuel growth such as acquisitions and new product lines. Other key areas of responsibility include investor and media relations, human resources, regulatory compliance and financing.

January 2000 - August 2000 NetNation Communications
Vancouver, BC
VP Strategic Planning
Responsible for overall planning and strategy, identifying opportunities, competitive analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and expansion.

1999-2000 Stormix Technologies
Vancouver, BC
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
Oversees the company's overall operation including Research and Development, manufacturing of product, key marketing events such as trade shows and conferences, human resources and co-operation with other companies.

1996-2000 NetNation Communications
Vancouver, BC
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
Successfully managed NetNation's operations from inception until it became a publicly-traded company with over 100 employees, opened satellite offices, and led the Company's successful sales and marketing and business development to become one of the top ten web-hosting companies in the world

1993-1996 Superhighway Consulting
Vancouver, BC.
Provided general Internet consulting services including how to start an ISP business, strategy for developing sales and marketing channels using the web, and how to develop an effective web presence.
I also developed an Internet Starter Kit for Simon Fraser University's Internet Access.


1990-1995 Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC
B.Sc. Management and Systems Science
(Computer Science, Business Administration, Mathematics, Statistics & Economics)


World class track and field athlete. 1993 Canadian Champion in X-country running, won 3 Gold medals at the 1993 Maccabbi Games (in Israel), and represented Canada Internationally six times.

Ken Stubbs


Kenyon T. Stubbs, a certified public accountant and management consultant with over 35 years of extensive experience in business, marketing and the Internet, has for the last 2 years been chairman of the executive committee of the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE).

CORE is an international organization of more than 60 Internet registrars in 23 countries headquartered in Geneva.

Prior to starting his own management consulting firm in 1974, he worked forKPMG Peat Marwick and Ernst & Young, specializing in accounting systems andoperations management.

His consulting services have concentrated primarily on organizational structures, operations and marketing strategies. Clients have ranged from start-ups with sales of less than $500,000 to established companies with sales over in excess of $10 Billion.

Mr. Stubbs has consulted on Internet business development strategies since 1994. Clients have included Furtune Brands, Hoechst-Celanese and Wilson Sporting Goods Worldwide, as well as numerous small businesses.

He has served as director of marketing and strategic business partnerships for an Internet services company, which was involved in web site design, development, and hosting.

Mr. Stubbs, in addition to his position as Chairman of CORE is a principalof an ICANN-Accredited Internet domain registrar company.

He is a frequent participant and speaker at international forums on the Internet & Domain Name System. He has testified as an expert before the United States House Commerce Committee as well as the United States House Judiciary Committee on Internet development, Commerce and Intellectual Property as it relates to Internet Issues.

A native of California, Mr. Stubbs graduated with honors in business management from San Diego State University in 1967. He is married (36 years) and has two grown children.

He currently lives in a suburb of Orlando, Florida.


A Fuller Glaser - Attorney At Law -26 years, St. Louis Missouri

Glenn Davis - 9 years, President, Digitel Services Inc., Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Jim Baugh - 23 years, President, Wilson Sporting Goods, Chicago, Illinois

Clarkson Hine - 3 years, Director - Corporate Communications, Fortune Brands Chicago, Illinois

Susan Davis - 3 years, CEO, Susan Davis International, Washington, DC

John P. Murray - Retired - 20 years, Princeton N.J. & Hobe Sound Florida,Former Chairman of the Board Wilson Sporting Goods, Former Partner - Wesray Capital