Appendix A                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Appendix B


.KIDS Domains, Inc. Four Phase TLD Registration Process

Phase One: Sunrise Period

b)    The sunrise period will entail a sufficient notification period followed by a 30 day application period where trademark owners will be given an opportunity to register .kids domain names upon payment of the initial fee and the first year’s annual fee.

vi)     .kids domain names corresponding to trademark owners marks can be registered  before such a domain is opened to the general public.

vii)   It is the primary intent of .KIDS Domains, Inc. to maintain policies to protect the intellectual property of others. 

viii)  A $20.00 (U.S. Dollars) fee will be charged to famous name and trademark holders to cover the costs of mark name ownership research and verification.

vii)   If more than one claim is made for the same domain-name the rules of arbitration and mediation set by WIPO will be followed.

viii)  .KIDS Domains, Inc. may offer the opportunity to all claimants of the same second-level domain-names to a distribution page which would show the user a list of sites operating under the same name.

ix)      If all parties agree a lottery may be held to determine the owner of the second-level domain-name. 

Phase Two: Popular & Appropriate Domain-Name Distribution

a)      In this phase .KIDS will develop a “glamour” list of the top 1000 to 2000 words/names and will seek to sell these domain names using an established, well-respected, online auction service.  The proceeds of this auction will be distributed to a newly formed public charity, chartered to distribute the funds as follows:

i)    50% to the support of the infrastructure pursuing worthwhile endeavors toward the safety of children using the Internet.

ix)     50% allocated by the Board of Directors of the Public Foundation to charities whose mission is to feed, clothe, or enrich the lives of children around the world.

x)      Subsequent annual registration fees for these names will be 25% of the auctioned price.  This fee will forever be established as a reoccurring donation to the charity fund.

Upon transfer of ownership the registration policy, the annual registration fee to charitable contribution, will remain in place.

Note: All domains are transferable, but restrictions and regulations transfer with the name.


Phase Three: “Wrist Band” Period – 4 Weeks

b)     A month-long period will be initiated where registrants can claim names not trademarked or part of the charitable lottery program.  All applicants must be registered users and agree to .KIDS Domains, Inc. Terms and Conditions, as well as, pay the registration fee.

i)       Users will be able to go to the .kids site and enter a list of 10 names that they would like to register.  Applicants will be encouraged to prioritize their choices from high to low.

ii)      Applicants will be assigned a random priority position, generated by a computer, in the selection process and will be overseen by a large, reputable accounting firm.

iii)    A computer will generate random priority assignments, essentially placing the applicants in line for their domains.

iv)     Our computer system will then go through the line processing the requests of the applicants according to their randomly assigned number.  The domain name highest on an applicant’s list and still available for registration will be assigned to the applicant. Applicants will be able to register only one (1) domain-name on their list.

v)      Applicants must have their website under construction or online within 120 days from the date of registration.

Phase Four: Open Registration

Registration will be opened to all requests.  All terms and conditions must be followed upon the grant of a domain-name, including Terms of Use and “Guidelines”.  During open registration, prospective registrants will also be required to register as users, and in doing so expressly acknowledge the Terms of Use and “Guidelines”.















Is Anyone Watching the Kids?

From Internet World, September 1, 2000


























From The, June 05, 2000

Youth: Next on the Net
Online youth are 16 million strong. This year kids and teens will make up one-quarter of the U.S. Net population.

By David Lake

The Internet was once just a rarified toy for adults, but by the end of this year kids and teens will make up one-quarter of the Net population. School is the most popular access point, with more than 80 percent of youths age 10 to 17 saying they surf the Net at school, according to a joint study by the Kaiser Family Foundation and National Public Radio. Almost 63 percent of U.S. public-school classrooms had Internet access by year-end 1999, up from just 14 percent in 1996, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Once online, kids are hooked. Seventy percent of online students say they use the Web at least once a week from home or school, and 35 percent report using the Net almost every day. On average, they spent almost 7 hours per month online – three hours less than adults – says Nielsen NetRatings.

Among the late teens-early 20s crowd, Forrester Research estimates that 56 percent will surf the Web this year. About 9 million of these users will buy products online, bringing online spending in this age group to $4.5 billion. Top product purchases for online youths include music, books and clothing. Forrester also reports that 30 percent of these young adults are going online to be entertained, while another 32 percent say communication is their prime motivation for surfing the Web.