Commercial Connect, LLC

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Louisville, KY  40208-2117

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September 30, 2000



Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

4754 Admiralty Way

Marina del Rey, CA  90292  USA

(310) 247-2080



Re:  Unsponsored TLD Application for .shop, .svc and .mall



Dear ICANN Review Committee:


Enclosed please find a complete application to operate a TLD registry for the unsponsored domain extension of .shop, .svc and .mall.


We are very excited about the possibility of working more closely with ICANN on making the Internet a more user friendly, stable and secure.


We will make every diligent effort to assist you in evaluating our proposal for registry operations.  As in the past we will make every possible effort to see that the interests of the Internet and of ICANN are met to their fullest extent.


I appreciate this opportunity and hope to establish a close relationship in the near future in regards to this application and in our other ventures. 








Jeffrey S. Smith