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New sTLD Application

Part F. Application Checklist

15 December 2003

Part A. Explanatory Notes | Part B. Application Form | Part C. Business Plan | Part D. Financial Model | Part E. Technical Specification | Part F. Application Checklist


Please check that you have completed all the following steps to ensure you have fulfilled the requirements of the Request for Proposal:

  1. Submitted the US$45,000 application fee.
  2. Downloaded all the application materials.
  3. Completed all sections of the application materials and, where appropriate, include n/a in fields which are not applicable to your application.
  4. Checked each and every box which requires you to agree to terms and conditions included in the Request for Proposal.
  5. Printed, signed and sent to ICANN the final copy of your application.
  6. Kept a copy for your records.

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