Ken Stubbs, Chair of Excom

      Domain Names International, USA



      Dr. Jonathan Robinson, Deputy Chair of Excom

      General Internet Corporation, England

      Phone: +44 171 336 6777

      Fax: +44 171 336 0567



      Francois Luc Collignon


      1090/1300 Route des Crêtes

      06560 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

      Tel: +33 04 929 60 929 Fax: +33 04 929 60 927



      Hal Lubsen

      Domainbank Inc, USA

      Phone: +1 610 317 9606 Fax: +1 610 317 9570



      Rosa Delgado

      SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques)

      Phone: +41 22 710 0266 Fax: +41 22 710 0151



      Robert F. Connelly

      PSI KK, Japan

      Phone: +81 3 3234 6921 Fax:+81 3 3234 6915



      Werner Staub

      Axone Services & Développement SA, Switzerland

      Phone: +41 22 312 56 40 Fax: +41 22 312 56 01





François Collignon- Short Biography


CORE Execom Member


Country of citizenship: France


Physical address: 385Chemin Serra Capeou – 06110 – Le Cannet France

E-mail address:


Telephone number: +33 4 93 00 44 52


Current professional position(s):


-         Director of domain name registration “7ways”-accredited registrar by ICANN and CORE

-         Director LODGER, Inc internet services (USA)

-         Vice-President 7ways, Inc. internet services (USA)

-         CORE Executive Committee Member


Past professional positions/accomplishments:



Chief computer data operator (French Electricity) – Research center)


Imaging service director for military industries (satellites) and other European publishers

Lecturer in Mathematics at the superior engineering and communication section of the Nice university

97 to date

Registrar in Sophia Antipolis

Business consultant and project manager for startup internet companies


Volunteer roles/accomplishments:


Technical advisor in computer services to a French senator (Ms Gros – 77/81)

External examiner for doctorate thesis in mathematics

Setting out mathematical scripts for publication

Setting up a computer training center for the Alpes Maritimes Department of Education

Founding member of CORE (Council of Registrars-Geneva)

Executive member and Financial chairman of CORE

Vice president of the Internet European Business Association (Madrid)

Active participation in setting up the internet governance, DNSO and ICANN

Steering Committee member for dot EU

Coordinator of added value services WG for dot EU

Active member of the international AFNIC group that  supports the DNSO and ICANN initiatives


Educational backgroung:


Doctorate in electronic engineering from “Ecole des Arts et Métiers – Belgium”

Graduate in Physics at the University of Brussels


Understanding of (and/or experience with) the internet’s domain name or IP address systems:


Official CORE representative to ec-pop forum (Dot EU-European Commission)

Expertise in highly secure internet network

Development of 1st platform for domain name registration on WAP


Experience with the Internet’s architecture:


Internet security access to the European Parliament

Internet security access for military bases

Internet investigation for Department of Justice

Responsible for setting up registration platform


Experience in international and/or multicultural environments:


Regular participation in the European Community Panel of Participants (EC-POP) in the internet governance. I have personally fought a long and hard battle for Europeans to stand together and have a single voice in the development of European internet affairs. I am an active participant  in the internet associations. I am active in promoting the development of the Domain name system among users.


In Europe I have participated in meetings and contributed to the development of the dispute resolution process for the protection of domain name owners and the creation of a safe environment on the internet which would encourage the creation of new gTLDs and a new TLD in Europe.


Active participation in Internet governance, CORE, DNSO, ICANN

Project manager for ec-pop

98 INET participation

Internet information mission in African Countries






Rosa Delgado - Short Biography


CORE Execom Member


 Nationality: Peruvian

 Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Italian (good). Spanish (mother


 Education: Bachelor degree of Science Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

 from National University of Engineering (Peru). Master degree in "Integrated

 Telecommunications Systems" from Warwick University (UK).


 Professional experience:

 * Today-97 Director of Internet Industry Relations - Société Internationale de

 Télécommunications Aéronautique (SITA), Geneva, Switzerland.  Strategic plan of

 new IP-based applications for the air-transport industry. Responsible for

 domain names, IP addressing and policy issues.

 * 98 Internet Technology Expert - UNDP, Honduras. Plan the government national


 * 97 Internet Technology Expert - Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of

 India. Develop the "Strategic plan for Internet national services".

 * 97-95 Internet Technology Expert, International Telecommunications Union

 (ITU) - Geneva, Switzerland. Assist the National Telecom companies of Zimbabwe,

 Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Nigeria on the deployment of Internet national

 services (backbone) and regulatory policies.

 * 95 United Nations (UN) Geneva - Systems Analyst, Switzerland: Design and

 deployment of the Geneva web/gopher sites.

 * 95-91 UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs - Systems Analyst, Geneva,

 Switzerland - Design Web services for humanitarian co-ordination.

 * 89-84 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) - Systems Analyst, Geneva,


 * 84-80 European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) - Systems Analyst,

 Geneva, Switzerland.

 * 80 GEC Telecommunications Ltd - Coventry, UK. Senior Development Engineer


 Professional Affiliations: Elected

 * Jul 2000 - Board of Trustees of the Internet Society (ISOC) and Executive


 * 99 - CORE Executive Committee member, an accredited ICANN Registrar (CORE

 founding member).

 * 99 - Board of Directors member of the ISOC Geneva Chapter

 * 99-98 Developing Countries Special Interest Group chair (ISOC Geneva


 * 99-98 Co-chair of the Networking Symposium at the ISOC annual meeting (INETs)


 Rosa M. Delgado

 Director, Internet Industry Relations,

 Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautique


 26 Joinville, 1211 Cointrin,


 Tel:  (+41.22) 747.6266

 Fax: (+41.22) 747.6201


































Robert F. Connelly- Short Biography


CORE Execom Member


PERSONAL DATA: Born in Los Angeles, California. Graduated from the

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with a B.S. in

Science;  Business courses at UCLA, Instructor in hi-tech manufacturing

techniques at USC and Stanford.


MILITARY EXPERIENCE: Graduated from radio mechanics school. Worked on

flight line, maintaining VHF and long wave communications equipment, LORAN

and radio compass on military aircraft. Transferred to Fourth Air Force

Headquarters in San Francisco. Trained as IBM Tabulating Machine Operator.

Worked in that

capacity until discharge.


EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE IN JAPAN: Twenty-nine years in Japan with "Long Term

Resident" Visa. Employed by Barclay & Co., Tokyo, Aug. 1971 to Nov. 1977.

Formed International Technical Trading, Inc. in 1978 and serve as its

President. INTEC imports consumer products from the OECD countries.


Also serve as President of Procurement Services International, Inc., formed

in 1981. Until July 1999, "PSI" provided translations of Standards issued

by the Government of Japan (GOJ), Telecommunications Interconnect Type

Approvals, etc. More importantly, PSI translated those government tenders

which are open to foreign competitive bidding under GATT Government

Procurement Agreement (GPA), starting in 1981 (subsequently WTO). PSI also

provided contract award notices, which became available under the 1987

revision of the GPA. PSI's tender and award notices were published daily in

The Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU (OJ-S) and OJ-S CD-ROM,

and posted on Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), an on-line database

maintained by the EU.


In 1982, established "Govpurch", first on-line database of Japanese

Government Procurement notices, available on Control Data (CDC). Among the

first users of Email from Japan when "message switching" was legalized in

April of 1983. Have been a continuing user of Email in its various

iterations since July of 1983.


Established PSI's first Web site in August of 1995. Wrote code for

production and formatting of translations by PSI-Japan and PSI-USA.

Functions include relational look-ups for agency names and addresses,

industrial product classifications (those "generic" CPV's which some

officials would like to omit from SLD's), etc. PSI's work went directly

into print in the Official Journal Supplement without verification (other

than one percent spot checks). PSI's quality is recognized as the best of

any organization formatting tenders for OJ-S. Our work is normally

"shipped" via Internet to the EU by 15:30 daily on the same date that it is

published in "Kampo" (the Official Gazette of The Government of Japan). It

was received in Luxembourg before the start of business the same calendar

day and in print in two to three days. (PSI-Japan has a large stake in the

stability of the Internet!)


As a direct result of PSI's integrity and its reliable, high quality work

over the prior fourteen years, in 1995 the EU appointed PSI as Sales Agent

for EU Official books, periodicals, CD-ROM's and data bases (such as TED).


President of Procurement Services International, Inc. (PSI-USA). PSI-USA

reformatted U.S. tender and award notices from Commerce Business Daily

(CBD) for publication in OJ-S and posting on TED. PSI-USA also markets EU

Official CD-ROM's and Off-Line Products.


Hold patents in the U.S., Japan, E.C., U.K., Canada, Israel and Australia

covering pollution control, petrochemical processes, contamination test

methods, corrosion preventives, sterilization techniques, reverse osmosis

and other technologies.


Vice-President of American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) for five

years (1983 through 1987), member of Board of Governors for twelve years

between 1978 and 1990. Chair of ACCJ Licenses, Patents & Trademarks

Committee, 1977 and 1983, Vice-Chair of ACCJ Intellectual Property

Committee 1997 and 1998. Returned to BoG for 1999 and 2000.


ACCJ has been described by Ambassadors Mansfield, Armacost, Mondale and

Foley as the most important and influential American business organization

outside of the United States. ACCJ presently has over 3,000 members

representing over 1,000 companies. ACCJ is a part of the Asia-Pacific

Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC). Have been a delegate to

annual "Door Knock" in Washington D.C. for over fifteen annual visits.

During "Door Knock", delegates call on Senators, Representatives, their

aides and officers of the Administration. Have been a member of Door Knock

teams specializing in Intellectual Property matters, calling on Senators

and Representatives who Chair committees responsible for Patents,

Trademarks and other Intellectual Property matters.


Co-Chaired Joint U.S./Japan Trade Study Group (TSG) Generic Problem

Committee and/or Standards Committee 1979 to 1984. TSG is a bi-national

association of Japanese and American officials and business leaders. Member

of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Society of Automotive

Engineers (SAE), American Society of Tribology, Western Regional V.P,

1960-62, liaison to Japan Society of Lubrication Engineers (Tribologists).

Have served as senior or supporting editor for drafting numerous ASTM and

SAE Standards. These are "consensus standards" and require talents of the

type which are essential to drafting and resolving different opinions about

standards. Also, member of America-Japan Society (Tokyo), the Foreign

Correspondents Club of Japan. President of Tokyo American Club in 1982 and

1983. Former Governor of Tokyo English Life Line (TELL). Member of

Japan-America Society of Southern California. Member of University Club of

Washington, D.C. Member of The Internet Society (ISOC).


Founding Secretary of the Policy Advisory Body (PAB) under the Policy

Oversight Committee (POC). Our firm was the first to submit its documents

to Arthur Andersen and approved as one of the first three members of CORE.

I am a member of the Executive Committee of CORE.



Werner Staub- Short Biography


CORE Execom Member, Head of CORE Secretariat



Werner Staub graduated in Economics from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) of University of Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1985. He also holds a postgraduate degree from HEC in Business Information Systems.


He is a founding partner of Axone Services & Développement SA, a Geneva, Switzerland-based application development services company. He is a member of the Executive Committee of CORE Internet Council of Registrars and, since January 1999, Coordinator of the Permanent Secretariat of CORE.


His activity in the computer industry dates back to his work as a student part-time trainee where he became an early user of the IBM PC. Prior to co-founding Axone, he worked for Credit Suisse, Capital Intelligence, and International Finance and Commodities Institute.


Werner Staub has been involved in a wide range of software, education and marketing consulting projects commissioned by financial institutions, information vendors and securities or futures exchanges. Most projects relate to electronic exchanges, financial derivatives, financial risk management, information technology and the Internet.