.org Reassignment: Commentary of DotOrg Foundation on Final Evaluation Report

29 September 2002

Commentary of DotOrg Foundation on Final Evaluation Report

September 29, 2002

Dear Sir/Madam:

Having awaited with great interest ICANN's Final Staff Evaluation Report on the Proposals for Reassignment of the .Org Registry, I am pleased to see that the DotOrg Foundation maintained its position as one of the top tier bidders.

As we had stated in previous communications to ICANN, my colleagues and I who have worked diligently on the application and plans for the .Org registry appreciate the extraordinary time that ICANN staff, board and the technical evaluation team from Gartner have devoted to this process. We are disappointed, however, that the final staff evaluation did not take into account the almost unanimous round of criticisms levied against the NCDNHC Report. Based on the public comments pointing out the discrepancies, material mistakes, and wholly new criteria in the NCDNHC Report, it should have been heavily discounted in the final staff evaluation. We trust that the ICANN Board in making its evaluation will consider these comments and evaluate the top bidders based on the Gartner report and their own independent assessment of the bids' answers on the relevant non-commercial and policy-oriented criteria.

As always, we remain available should ICANN have any further questions.


Marshall Strauss
DotOrg Foundation

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