Current State Analysis Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help Registry Advantage determine the best approach to migrating your existing registry into our environment. Please answer as many questions as you can, and include as much information as possible. A Registry Advantage technical representative will review this questionnaire and follow up with you to develop a complete migration plan. If you have any questions about this questionnaire, please contact us.

1. Is the registry infrastructure currently outsourced? If yes, please give the name of the outsourcing organization.

2. Do you have direct access to your data, or is your data managed by another party? If another party, will they be available to us for developing the migration plan?

3. How are your name servers currently interfacing with the registration data? How are you zone files generated and propagated?

4. How is your accounting system interfacing with the registration data? What is your accounting system?

5. How is your WHOIS service interfacing with the registration data?

6. Do you require any data to be migrated other than accounting, registration, whois, and name server data?

7. How is the data being stored? For each of the data sets (accounting, registration, whois, name server, other), please indicate either RDBMS, flat file, or other.

8. If the storage method is "other", please describe it.

9. If the storage method is "flat file", please provide the file format. Can you provide copies of the files?

10. If the storage method is RDBMS, which RDBMS are you using? Can you provide a copy of the schema or a schema diagram/document?

11. What is your current update volume? Query volume? DNS transaction volume? How many domains are currently registered in your system?

12. What data do you currently provide through WHOIS? Are there any requirements or restrictions for your WHOIS data?

13. Describe all mechanisms by which registrations are performed (e.g. email, API, CGI, etc.)

14. Do you currently have registrars/resellers? If so, how do they perform their registrations?

15. How do you currently handle customer support?

16. Do you support multilingual domain names currently? If so, describe a) how the multilingual data is stored (ACE, UTF-8, etc.), b) how DNS resolution is performed for these names, and c) which character sets you support.

17. Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Thank you for your time and cooperation. This data will assist us in the development of your customized migration plan. We will contact you as soon as our analysis is complete to discuss the next steps in the planning and execution process.