SRP Return Codes

Implementation Note: All success codes begin with 0 and all Error codes begin with 1

Success Code Meaning Context/Example
0100 Successful Transaction Returned on success
0101 This Object exists in the Registry For check functions - returned if object exists in the registry
0102 This Object does not exist in the Registry For check functions - returned if does not exist in registry
Error Code Meaning Context/Example
1050 No attributes were passed. No Update made No parameters passed at all
1201 The object does not exist Tried to perform an action on an object that is not in registry
1202 A Nameserver or Contact entered does not exist Tried to use a contact/nameserver that does not exist
1301 Object status prohibits this operation The object has a locked status
1302 A Namserver or Contact entered has a locked status Tried to use Nameserver/Contact has a locked status
1304 Object association prohibits this operation Ex: Can't delete a contact who is associated with a domain
1305 This object already exists in the Registry Tried to create an object that already exists
1306 Parent domain status prohibits this operation The parent domain is locked
1401 Permission denied Access to this funtion/object is not permitted for this user
1602 A required parameter was omitted Missing required field
1603 An unrecognized parameter was passed A fieldname passed was not recognized
2700 A parameter was not properly formatted Invalid parameter passed