Appendix C:

NTEE Classification System

The NTEE (National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities) Classification System was developed by The National Center for Charitable Statistics as part of its keyword searching criteria. This is used by Guidstar. Choosing a good, representative NTEE code will help an organization be more easily found by users searching the database.

*N.E.C. = Not Elsewhere Classified

For more information about the NTEE codes, visit:

A   Arts, Culture, and Humanities

A01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
A02 Management & Technical Assistance
A03 Professional Societies & Associations
A05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
A11 Single Organization Support
A12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
A19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

A20 Arts, Cultural Organizations - Multipurpose

A23 Cultural/Ethnic Awareness
A25 Arts Education/Schools
A26 Arts Council/Agency

A30 Media, Communications Organizations

A31 Film, Video
A32 Television
A33 Printing, Publishing
A34 Radio

A40 Visual Arts Organizations

A50 Museums & Museum Activities

A51 Art Museums
A52 Children's Museums
A54 History Museums
A56 Natural History, Natural Science Museums
A57 Science & Technology Museum

A60 Performing Arts

A61 Performing Arts Centers
A62 Dance
A63 Ballet
A65 Theater
A68 Music
A69 Symphony Orchestras
A6A Opera
A6B Singing Choral
A6C Music Groups, Bands, Ensembles
A6E Performing Arts Schools

A70 Humanities Organizations

A80 Historical Societies and Related Activities

A84 Commemorative Events

A90 Arts Service Activities/ Organizations

A99 Other Art, Culture, Humanities Organizations/Services N.E.C.

B   Educational Institutions

B01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
B02 Management & Technical Assistance
B03 Professional Societies & Associations
B05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
B11 Single Organization Support
B12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
B19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

B20 Elementary, Secondary Ed

B21 Kindergarten, Nursery Schools, Preschool, Early Admissions
B24 Primary/Elementary School
B25 Secondary/High School
B28 Special Ed Institutions/ Schools for Visually or Hearing Impaired, Learning Disabled

B30 Vocational Technical

B40 Higher Ed Institutions

B41 Community/Jr. College
B42 Undergraduate College (4-year)
B43 University or Technological

B50 Graduate, Professional (Separate Entities)

B60 Adult, Continuing Ed

B70 Libraries, Library Science

B80 Student Services and Organizations

B82 Scholarships, Student Financial Aid, Awards
B83 Student Sororities, Fraternities
B84 Alumni Associations

B90 Educational Services and Schools - Other

B92 Remedial Reading, Reading Encouragement
B94 Parent Teacher Group

B99 Education N.E.C.

C   Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification

C01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
C02 Management & Technical Assistance
C03 Professional Societies & Associations
C05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
C11 Single Organization Support
C12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
C19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

C20 Pollution Abatement and Control Services

C27 Recycling

C30 Natural Resource Conservation and Protection

C32 Water Resource, Wetlands Conservation & Management
C34 Land Resources Conservation
C35 Energy Resources Conservation & Development
C36 Forest Conservation

C40 Botanical, Horticultural, and Landscape Services

C41 Botanical Gardens, Arboreta and Botanical Organizations
C42 Garden Club, Horticultural Programs

C50 Environmental Beautification

C60 Environmental Education and Outdoor Survival Programs

C99 Environmental Quality Protection and Beautification N.E.C.

D   Animal related

D01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
D02 Management & Technical Assistance
D03 Professional Societies & Associations
D05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
D11 Single Organization Support
D12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
D19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

D20 Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs)

D30 Wildlife Preservation/ Protection

D31 Protection of Endangered Species
D32 Bird Sanctuary/Preserve
D33 Fisheries
D34 Wildlife Sanctuary/Refuge

D40 Veterinary Services

D50 Zoo, Zoological Society

D60 Other Services, Specialty Animals

D61 Animal Training/Behavior

D99 Animal Related Activities N.E.C.

E   Health—General & Rehabilitative

E01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
E02 Management & Technical Assistance
E03 Professional Societies & Associations
E05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
E11 Single Organization Support
E12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
E19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

E20 Hospitals and Primary Medical Care Facilities

E21 Community Health Systems
E22 Hospital (General)
E24 Hospital (Specialty)

E30 Health Treatment Facilities (Primarily Outpatient)

E31 Group Health Practice (HMOs)
E32 Ambulatory Health Center, Community Clinic

E40 Reproductive Health Care Facilities and Allied Services

E42 Family Planning Centers

E50 Rehabilitative Medical Services

E60 Health Support Services

E61 Blood Supply Related
E62 Ambulance/Emergency Transport
E65 Organ and Tissue Bank

E70 Public Health Programs

E80 Health (General and Financing)

E86 Patient Services—Entertainment, Recreation

E90 Nursing Services General (includes Candy Stripers)

E91 Nursing, Convalescent (Geriatric and Nursing)
E92 Home Health Care (includes Visiting Nurse Associations)

E99 Health - General & Rehabilitative N.E.C.

F   Mental Health, Crisis Intervention

F01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
F02 Management & Technical Assistance
F03 Professional Societies & Associations
F05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
F11 Single Organization Support
F12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
F19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

F20 Alcohol, Drug, and Substance Abuse, Dependency, Prevention & Treatment

F21 Alcohol, Drug Abuse (Prevention Only)
F22 Alcohol, Drug Abuse (Treatment Only)

F30 Mental Health Treatment

F31 Psychiatric, Mental Health Hospital
F32 Community Mental Health Center
F33 Group Home, Residential Treatment Facility - Mental Health Related

F40 Hot Line, Crisis Intervention

F42 Rape Victim Services

F50 Addictive Disorders

F52 Smoking
F53 Eating Disorder
F54 Gambling

F60 Counseling Support Groups

F70 Mental Health Disorders

F80 Mental Health Associations - Multipurpose

F99 Other Mental Health, Crisis Intervention N.E.C.

G   Disease, Disorders, Medical Disciplines

G01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
G02 Management & Technical Assistance
G03 Professional Societies & Associations
G05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
G11 Single Organization Support
G12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
G19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

G20 Birth Defects, Genetic Diseases

G25 Down's Syndrome

G30 Cancer

G40 Diseases of Specific Organs

G41 Eye Diseases, Blindness & Vision Impairment
G42 Ear/Throat
G43 Heart and Circulatory System
G44 Kidney
G45 Lung
G48 Brain Disorders

G50 Nerve, Muscle, and Bone Diseases

G51 Arthritis
G54 Epilepsy

G60 Allergy Related Diseases

G61 Asthma

G70 Digestive Diseases, Disorders

G80 Specifically Named Diseases

G83 Alzheimer's
G84 Autism

G90 Medical Disciplines

G92 Biomedicine, Bioengineering
G94 Geriatrics
G96 Neurology, Neuroscience
G98 Pediatrics
G9B Surgery

G99 Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines N.E.C.

H   Medical Research

H01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
H02 Management & Technical Assistance
H03 Professional Societies & Associations
H05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
H11 Single Organization Support
H12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
H19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

H20 Birth Defects, Genetic Diseases Research

H25 Down's Syndrome

H30 Cancer Research

H40 Specific Organ Research

H41 Eye
H42 Ear and Throat
H43 Heart and Circulatory
H44 Kidney
H45 Lung
H48 Brain Disorders

H50 Nerve, Muscle, and Bone Research

H51 Arthritis
H54 Epilepsy Research

H60 Allergy Related Diseases Research

H61 Asthma

H70 Digestive Diseases/Disorders Research

H80 Specifically Named Diseases Research

H83 Alzheimer's
H84 Autism

H90 Medical Specialty Research

H92 Biomedicine, Bioengineering
H94 Geriatrics
H96 Neurology, Neuroscience
H98 Pediatrics Research
H9B Surgery

H99 Other Medical Research N.E.C.

I   Crime, Legal Related

I01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
I02 Management & Technical Assistance
I03 Professional Societies & Associations
I05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
I11 Single Organization Support
I12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
I19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

I20 Crime Prevention N.E.C.

I21 Delinquency Prevention
I23 Drunk Driving Related

I30 Correctional Facilities N.E.C.

I31 Transitional Care, Half-Way House for Offenders/Ex-Offenders

I40 Rehabilitation Services for Offenders

I43 Services to Prisoners/Families
I44 Prison Alternatives

I50 Administration of Justice, Courts (Court Administration, Court Reform, Alternatives to Litigation and Sentencing)

I51 Dispute Resolution/ Mediation Services

I60 Law Enforcement Agencies (Police Departments)

I70 Protection Against and Prevention of Neglect, Abuse, Exploitation

I71 Spouse Abuse, Prevention of
I72 Child Abuse, Prevention of
I73 Sexual Abuse, Prevention of

I80 Legal Services

I83 Public Interest Law/Litigation

I99 Crime, Legal Related N.E.C.

J   Employment, Job Related

J01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
J02 Management & Technical Assistance
J03 Professional Societies & Associations
J05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
J11 Single Organization Support
J12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
J19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

J20 Employment Procurement Assistance and Job Training

J21 Vocational Counseling/ Guidance/Testing
J22 Employment Training

J30 Vocational Rehabilitation (includes Job Training and Employment for Disabled and Elderly)

J32 Goodwill Industries
J33 Sheltered Remunerative Employment, Work Activity Center N.E.C.

J40 Labor Unions/Organizations
J99 Employment, Job Related N.E.C.

K   Agriculture, Food, Nutrition

K01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
K02 Management & Technical Assistance
K03 Professional Societies & Associations
K05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
K11 Single Organization Support
K12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
K19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

K20 Agricultural Programs

K25 Farmland Preservation
K26 Livestock Breeding, Development, Management
K28 Farm Bureau

K30 Food Service, Free Food Distribution Programs

K31 Food Banks, Food Pantries
K34 Congregate Meals
K35 Organization-Sponsored Eatery or Agency
K36 Meals on Wheels

K40 Nutrition Programs

K50 Home Economics

K99 Other Food, Agriculture, Nutrition N.E.C.

L   Housing, Shelter

L01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
L02 Management & Technical Assistance
L03 Professional Societies & Associations
L05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
L11 Single Organization Support
L12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
L19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

L20 Housing Development, Construction, Management

L21 Public Housing
L22 Senior Citizens' Housing, Retirement Communities
L25 Housing Rehabilitation

L30 Housing Search Assistance

L40 Low-Cost Temporary Housing (includes Youth Hostels)

L41 Temporary Shelter for the Homeless

L50 Housing Owners, Renters Organizations

L80 Other Housing Support Services

L81 Home Improvement/Repairs
L82 Housing Expense Reduction Support, Rent Assistance

L99 Other Housing, Shelter N.E.C.

M   Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief

M01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
M02 Management & Technical Assistance
M03 Professional Societies & Associations
M05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
M11 Single Organization Support
M12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
M19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

M20 Disaster Preparedness and Relief Service

M23 Search and Rescue Services
M24 Fire Prevention/ Protection/Control

M40 Safety Education

M41 First Aid Training
M42 Automotive Safety

M99 Other Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief N.E.C.

N   Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics

N01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
N02 Management & Technical Assistance
N03 Professional Societies & Associations
N05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
N11 Single Organization Support
N12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
N19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

N20 Recreational and Sporting Camps (Day, Overnight, etc.)
N30 Physical Fitness/Community Recreational Facilities

N31 Community Recreational Centers
N32 Parks and Playgrounds

N40 Sports Training Facilities

N50 Recreational, Pleasure, or Social Club

N52 County/Street/Civic/Multi-Arts Fairs and Festivals

N60 Amateur Sports Clubs, Leagues

N61 Fishing and Hunting Clubs
N62 Basketball
N63 Baseball, Softball (includes Little Leagues)
N64 Soccer Clubs/Leagues
N65 Football Clubs/Leagues
N66 Tennis and Racquet Sports Clubs/Leagues
N67 Swimming, Water Recreation
N68 Winter Sports (Snow and Ice)
N69 Equestrian, Riding
N6A Golf (Country Clubs, use N50)

N70 Amateur Sports Competitions

N71 Olympics Committees and Related International Competitions
N72 Special Olympics

N80 Professional Athletic Leagues
N99 Other Recreation, Sports, or Leisure Activities N.E.C.

O   Youth Development

O01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
O02 Management & Technical Assistance
O03 Professional Societies & Associations
O05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
O11 Single Organization Support
O12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
O19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

O20 Youth Centers and Clubs (includes Boys/Girls Clubs)- Multipurpose

O21 Boys Clubs
O22 Girls Clubs
O23 Boys and Girls Clubs (Combined)

O30 Adult, Child Matching Programs

O31 Big Brother, Big Sisters

O40 Scouting

O41 Boy Scouts
O42 Girl Scouts
O43 Camp Fire

O50 Youth Development Programs

O51 Community Service Clubs, Youth Development
O52 Agricultural, Youth Development
O53 Business, Youth Development
O54 Citizenship Programs, Youth Development
O55 Religious Leadership, Youth Development

O99 Other Youth Development N.E.C.

P   Human Services

P01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
P02 Management & Technical Assistance
P03 Professional Societies & Associations
P05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
P11 Single Organization Support
P12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
P19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

P20 Human Service Organizations

P21 American Red Cross
P22 Urban League
P24 Salvation Army
P26 Volunteers of America
P28 Neighborhood Center, Settlement House
P29 Thrift Shops

P30 Children's and Youth Services

P31 Adoption
P32 Foster Care
P33 Child Day Care

P40 Family Services

P42 Single Parent Agencies/Services
P43 Family Violence Shelters and Services
P44 Homemaker, Home Health Aide
P45 Family Services (Adolescent Parents)
P46 Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling

P50 Personal Social Services

P51 Financial Counseling, Money Management
P52 Transportation (Free or Subsidized)
P58 Gift Distribution

P60 Emergency Assistance (Food, Clothing, Cash)

P61 Travelers' Aid
P62 Victims' Services

P70 Residential, Custodial Care (Group Home)

P72 Half-Way House (Short-Term Residential Care)
P73 Group Home (Long-Term, Primarily Assisted Living)
P74 Hospice
P75 Senior Continuing Care Communities

P80 Services to Promote the Independence of Specific Populations

P81 Senior Centers/Services
P82 Developmentally Disabled Services/Centers
P84 Ethnic/Immigrant Services
P85 Homeless Services/Centers
P86 Blind/Visually Impaired Centers, Services
P87 Deaf/Hearing Impaired Centers, Services

P99 Human Services - Multipurpose & Other N.E.C.

Q   International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security

Q01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
Q02 Management & Technical Assistance
Q03 Professional Societies & Associations
Q05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
Q11 Single Organization Support
Q12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
Q19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

Q20 Promotion of International Understanding

Q21 International Cultural Exchange
Q22 International Student Exchange and Aid
Q23 International Exchanges

Q30 International Development, Relief Services

Q31 International Agricultural Development
Q32 International Economic Development
Q33 International Relief

Q40 International Peace and Security

Q41 Arms Control, Peace Organizations
Q42 United Nations Association
Q43 Domestic National Security (includes Military and Defense Issues)

Q70 International Human Rights

Q71 International Migration, Refugee Issues

Q99 International, Foreign Affairs and National Security N.E.C.

R   Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy

R01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
R02 Management & Technical Assistance
R03 Professional Societies & Associations
R05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
R11 Single Organization Support
R12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
R19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

R20 Civil Rights, Advocacy for Specific Groups

R22 Minority Rights
R23 Disabled Persons' Rights
R24 Women's Rights
R25 Seniors' Rights
R26 Lesbian/Gay Rights

R30 Intergroup/Race Relations
R40 Voter Education/ Registration
R60 Civil Liberties Advocacy

R61 Reproductive Rights
R62 Right to Life
R63 Censorship, Freedom of Speech and Press Issues
R67 Right to Die, Euthanasia Issues

R99 Civil Rights, Social Action, & Advocacy N.E.C.

S   Community Improvement, Capacity Building

S01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
S02 Management & Technical Assistance
S03 Professional Societies & Associations
S05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
S11 Single Organization Support
S12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
S19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

S20 Community/Neighborhood Development, Improvement

S21 Community Coalitions
S22 Neighborhood/Block Association

S30 Economic Development

S31 Urban, Community
S32 Rural

S40 Business and Industry

S41 Promotion of Business (Chambers of Commerce)
S43 Management Services for Small Business/ Entrepreneurs
S46 Boards of Trade
S47 Real Estate Organizations

S50 Nonprofit Management
S80 Community Service Clubs (Kiwanis, Lions, Jaycees, etc.)

S81 Women's Service Clubs
S82 Men's Service Clubs

S99 Community Improvement, Capacity Building N.E.C.

T   Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking

T01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
R02 Management & Technical Assistance
T03 Professional Societies & Associations
T05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
T11 Single Organization Support
T12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
T19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

T20 Private Grantmaking Foundations

T21 Corporate Foundations
T22 Private Independent Foundations
T23 Private Operating Foundations

T30 Public Foundations

T31 Community Foundations

T40 Voluntarism Promotion

T50 Philanthropy/Charity/ Voluntarism Promotion (General)

T70 Fund-Raising Organizations that Cross Categories (includes Community Funds/Trusts and Federated Giving Programs) e.g. United Way

T90 Named Trusts/Foundations N.E.C.

T99 Other Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations N.E.C.

U   Science and Technology Research Institutes

U01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
U02 Management & Technical Assistance
U03 Professional Societies & Associations
U05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
U11 Single Organization Support
U12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
U19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

U20 Science, General (includes Interdisciplinary Scientific Activities)

U21 Marine Science and Oceanography

U30 Physical Sciences/Earth Sciences Research and Promotion

U31 Astronomy (includes Observatories)
U33 Chemistry, Chemical Engineering (includes Polymer Science)
U34 Mathematics
U36 Geology

U40 Engineering and Technology Research, Services

U41 Computer Science
U42 Engineering

U50 Biological, Life Science Research (includes Marine Biology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology, etc.)

U99 Science & Technology Research Institutes, Services N.E.C.

V   Social Science Research Institutes

V01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
V02 Management & Technical Assistance
V03 Professional Societies & Associations
V05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
V11 Single Organization Support
V12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
V19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

V20 Social Science Research Institutes, Services

V21 Anthropology, Sociology
V22 Economics (as a Social Science)
V23 Behavioral Science
V24 Political Science
V25 Population Studies, Demographics (includes Geography)
V26 Law, International Law, and Jurisprudence

V30 Interdisciplinary Research

V31 Black Studies
V32 Women's Studies
V33 Ethnic Studies
V34 Urban Studies
V35 International Studies
V36 Gerontology
V37 Labor Studies

V99 Social Science Research Institutes, Services N.E.C.

W   Public, Society Benefit

W01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
W02 Management & Technical Assistance
W03 Professional Societies & Associations
W05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
W11 Single Organization Support
W12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
W19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

W20 Government and Public Administration

W22 Public Finance, Taxation, Monetary Policy
W24 Citizen Participation

W30 Military/Veterans' Organizations
W40 Public Transportation Systems and Services
W50 Telephone, Telegraph, and Telecommunications Services

W60 Financial Institutions/ Services (Non-Government Related)

W61 Credit Unions

W70 Leadership Development

W80 Public Utilities

W90 Consumer Protection and Safety

W99 Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose & Other N.E.C.

X   Religion, Spiritual Development

X01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
X02 Management & Technical Assistance
X03 Professional Societies & Associations
X05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
X11 Single Organization Support
X12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
X19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

X20 Christian

X21 Protestant
X22 Roman Catholic

X30 Jewish

X40 Islamic

X50 Buddhist

X70 Hindu

X80 Religious Media, Communications Organizations

X81 Religious Film & Video
X82 Religious Television
X83 Religious Printing, Publishing
X84 Religious Radio

X90 Interfaith Issues

X99 Religious Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C.

Y   Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

Y01 Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
Y02 Management & Technical Assistance
Y03 Professional Societies & Associations
Y05 Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis
Y11 Single Organization Support
Y12 Fund Raising and/or Fund Distribution
Y19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.*

Y20 Insurance Providers/ Services (other than Health)

Y22 Benevolent Life Insurance Association, Mutual Irrigations and Telephone Companies and like Organizations
Y23 Mutual Insurance Company or Association
Y24 Supplemental Unemployment Compensation
Y25 State Sponsored Worker's Compensation Reinsurance Organizations

Y30 Pension and Retirement Funds

Y33 Teachers' Retirement Fund Association
Y34 Employee Funded Pension Trust
Y35 Multi-Employer Pension Plan

Y40 Fraternal Beneficiary Societies

Y42 Domestic Fraternal Societies
Y43 Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Associations (Non-Government)
Y44 Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Associations (Government)

Y50 Cemeteries and Burial Services

Y99 Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other N.E.C

Z Unknown

Z99 Unknown