List of Potential Validators

Action Without Borders: Idealist
Run by Action Without Borders, a New York charity, this site offers a global directory of more than 20,000 non-profit groups' Web sites, as well as an interactive service that allows any organization, whether or not it has a Web site, to post information on its mission, volunteer and job opportunities, forthcoming events, and publications. The site also provides links to other on-line resources of interest to non-profit groups.

American Institute of Philanthropy
The American Institute of Philanthropy, in Bethesda, Md., is a private watchdog organization that rates charities based on how much they spend on program expenses versus fund raising and administration. The institute's Web site lists the more than 360 non-profit groups that have been rated and names the charities that have received "excellent" ratings in various areas, such as cancer groups, environmental organizations, and charities that serve the elderly.

Charities Review Council
The Charities Review Council is a private watchdog organization in St. Paul that evaluates Minnesota charities. The council's Web site includes a list of the charities that it has evaluated and whether they meet the council's standards for fund raising, governance, financial management, and public accountability.

Charity Navigator
Charity Navigator works to guide intelligent giving. We help charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions by providing information on more than eleven hundred charities and by evaluating the financial health of each of these charities. We ensure our evaluations are widely used by making them easy to understand and freely available to the public and by promoting them through national advertising and publicity campaigns. By guiding intelligent giving, we aim to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace, in which givers and the charities they support work in tandem to overcome our nation’s most persistent challenges.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, in Washington, is an association of more than 900 evangelical Christian charities that the council has evaluated and found to meet its standards for fund raising, governance, financial management, and public accountability. The council's Web site provides a directory of member organizations, including links to those that operate World-Wide Web sites.

Developed by Philanthropic Research, a non-profit organization based in Williamsburg, Va., this Web site contains descriptions of and financial data on 650,000 non-profit groups, drawn primarily from the organizations' informational tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service. The information includes a breakdown of each charity's assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenditures, including administrative and fund-raising costs. The site also includes profiles of non-profit groups and links to articles about philanthropy and non-profit management.

Internal Revenue Service:
Information for Tax-Exempt Organizations
A data base of nearly 500,000 non-profit organizations, updated quarterly, that makes it possible to find all the groups in a certain city or state or to check whether a particular group has received tax-exempt status. The site also explains the different types of tax-exempt organizations and how to apply for tax-exempt status, and it includes answers to frequently asked questions about tax-exempt organizations, I.R.S. forms that can be downloaded, and articles on topics such as unrelated-business income tax, lobbying by tax-exempt organizations, and charitable remainder trusts.

Developed by Wall Watchers, a non-profit organization in Matthews, N.C., MinistryWatch features a database of more than 400 Christian charities. Each entry includes a description of the organization's work and detailed information about its finances. Beginning in 2001, MinistryWatch will evaluate and rate the organizations based on their public accountability, adherence to their missions, management procedures, financial management, and fund raising. The site also includes advice to donors on effective giving.

National Charities Information Bureau
Operated by the National Charities Information Bureau in New York, this Web site includes a list of the 400 national charities that the private watchdog organization has evaluated and whether the organizations have met its standards for fund raising, governance, financial management, and public accountability. The site also includes tips for donors and a form that can be used to order a complete report on a charity.

National Combined Federal Campaign Committee

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the annual fund-raising drive conducted by Federal employees in their workplace each fall. Each year Federal employees and military personnel raise millions of dollars through the CFC that benefits thousands of non-profit charities. CFC assists charitable organizations and other interested parties who seek information about or who have questions regarding participation with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

Nonprofit Cyber-Accountability
Developed by Harriet Bograd, a non-profit lawyer and consultant, this site contains information about ways the Internet can make it easier for the public to find information about charities. It also discusses the debate on whether fund-raising solicitations over the Internet should be regulated. The site includes links to other sources of information on those issues, including links to state agencies whose Web sites include information on non-profit accountability and giving.

Philanthropic Advisory Service of the
Council of Better Business Bureaus
Maintained by the Council of Better Business Bureaus in Arlington, Va., this site includes reports on more than 200 national charities and whether they meet the bureau's standards for fund raising, governance, financial management, and public accountability. The site also includes information on charitable giving, solicitations by police and fire-fighter organizations, tax deductions for donors, and how to handle unwanted mailings from charities.

Union of International Associations
The Union of International Associations (UIA), a nonprofit clearinghouse for information on over 40,000 international organizations and constituencies, has been a pioneer in the provision of information on international organizations and their global challenges since its foundation in 1910. We have some very useful databases available for you on paper, on-line and on CD-Rom. These are valuable tools for a wide variety of users and tasks, whether focused on action, research or decision-making.

Charities Aid Foundation
The Charities Aid Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Kent, England that promotes philanthropy around the world. The organization has offices in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, India, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and West Africa. Each country office's Web site provides news and information about non-profit activity in that country.

Located in Washington, Civicus is an international association of non-profit organizations that advocates for legal systems that encourage civic activity and promotes awareness of charitable organizations around the world. The organization's Web site includes profiles of non-profit activity in more than 45 countries.

European Foundation Centre
The European Foundation Centre in Brussels, an association of more than 160 European grant makers as well as grant makers from other regions that award grants to European programs, promotes increased philanthropy in the region.

Funders Online
Developed by the European Foundation Centre, an association of European grant makers, located in Brussels, Funders Online, provides information about European philanthropy and links to more than 300 foundations and corporate-giving programs that are located in Europe or award grants to European programs. The site also provides generic Web pages that grant makers can use to build their own Web sites.

The Grantsmanship Center: International Funding
Developed by the Grantsmanship Center, a Los Angeles company that holds workshops on grant seeking, this Web site provides links to grant makers, both in the United States and abroad, that award grants for programs outside the United States. The links are organized by the regions in which the grant makers finance programs, including Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Western Europe.

International Center for Not-for-Profit Law
Developed by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, a non-profit organization in Washington, this Web site provides information about the laws that govern non-profit organizations around the world. The site also includes the center's quarterly International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law.

International Committee on Fundraising Organisations
The International Committee on Fundraising Organisations in London is an association of 13 watchdog organizations that monitor the fund-raising activities of charities in their home countries.

International Society for Third-Sector Research
Located at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the International Society for Third-Sector Research promotes research and education on philanthropy and non-profit activity around the world. A list of all past and current articles in the society's journal, Voluntas, is available on the Web site.

National Endowment for Democracy:
Sources of Funding in International Affairs

Maintained by the National Endowment for Democracy, a non-profit organization in Washington that awards grants to programs that support democracy around the world, this Web site provides information about and links to grant makers that finance international projects.

Maintained by Freedom House, a non-profit organization in Washington that runs leadership-development programs for professionals from central and eastern Europe, this Web site provides links to non-profit organizations in central and eastern Europe and in the former Soviet republics. The site also includes a list of consultants -- on such topics as advocacy, coalition building, fund raising, and program development -- in central and Eastern Europe and links of interest to non-profit groups in the region.

Resource Alliance
The Resource Alliance (formerly the International Fundraising Group), located in London, provides fund-raising training for nonprofit organizations around the world, particularly in developing nations. The group has also published a guide to fund raising in developing nations.

The Synergos Institute: Global Philanthropy
The Synergos Institute's Global Philanthropy program promotes the growth and development of foundations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The program's Web site offers advice for grant makers that are working in developing countries and a database of more than 120 foundations that are active in Latin America. The organization plans to add listings of foundations working in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa in the future.

Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support
Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support, in Washington, is a membership organization for associations of grant makers around the world. The organization's Web site provides profiles of its members and links to those associations that operate Web sites.


Asia-Pacific Philanthropy Consortium Information Center
Run by the Asia-Pacific Philanthropy Consortium Information Center, located in Seoul, Korea, this site includes a searchable database of grant makers in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand and a bibliography of publications on philanthropy and non-profit activity in the region.

Nonprofit Japan
Created by the Ohdake Foundation, in Tokyo, this Web site provides information about non-profit activity in Japan.

Run by the ProPoor InfoTech Centre, a non-profit organization in Singapore, this Web site provides a searchable directory of non-profit organizations and grant makers in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The site also offers a calendar of events, list of publications, and links to other Web sites for charities in South Asia.


Australian Charities
Maintained by the Eagle Communications Trust, which publishes an annual directory of Australian charities, this Web site lists contact information for Australian non-profit organizations and volunteer centers, including links to those groups that operate Web sites.

Philanthropy Australia
Operated by Philanthropy Australia in Melbourne, an association of almost 100 Australian grant makers, this Web site includes selected articles from the group's journal, Philanthropy, and links to World-Wide Web sites with information on philanthropy in Australia and abroad.


Canada Customs and Revenue Agency:
List of Canadian Registered Charities

Maintained by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, this Web site provides a list of the 78,000 charities registered with the agency. The list can either be searched or downloaded.

Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
Developed by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy in Toronto, Ontario, an organization that compiles and publishes information about Canadian grant makers and charities, this site provides information about giving and volunteering in Canada, summaries of academic studies of the Canadian non-profit world, and the organization's "Ethical Fund Raising & Financial Accountability Code." The site also offers articles and a bibliography of books, periodicals, and software on fund raising, boards, and non-profit management, as well as links to World-Wide Web sites of interest to Canadian charities.

Canadian Centre for Philanthropy:
National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating
This report, posted on the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy's Web site, summarizes the results of a 1997 survey that polled Canadians on their contributions to charity, volunteer work, and participation in civic activities. The report can be obtained using Adobe Acrobat, free software that can be downloaded from the Internet.

Maintained by the Hilborn Group, a Toronto, Ontario, publisher that specializes in non-profit material, this Web site provides information and resources for non-profit professionals and volunteers in Canada. The site includes links to non-profit organizations, on-line resources, and government agencies in Canada and around the world.

Volunteer Canada
Volunteer Canada is a non-profit organization in Ottawa that works with local and regional volunteer centers across the country to promote volunteerism. The organization's Web site provides an online volunteer-matching service, a directory of volunteer centers in Canada, and information about volunteerism.


German Charities Institute
Operated by the German Charities Institute in Krefeld, Germany, an organization that compiles information on philanthropy in Germany, this Web site provides a directory of more than 5,200 German non-profit organizations, information on charitable giving in Germany, and links to Web sites that provide information about philanthropy in Germany and around the world.

German Foundation Index
Developed by the German Federal Foundation Association and the Körber Foundation, in Hamburg, Germany, this Web site provides links to more than 330 foundations in Germany.


Giving Wisely: The Internet Directory of Israeli Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations
Giving Wisely provides a searchable database of profiles of Israeli charities and foundations. The Web site is a project of the Management of Community and Nonprofit Organizations and Public Policy Program at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Maintained by Sangonet, a non-profit organization that provides Internet services to charities in South Africa, this Web site provides links to organizations and Web sites that provide information on education, governement, economic development, women's issues, technology, health, human rights, and the arts in South Africa.

Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising
The Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising in Sanlamhof, South Africa, is a professional organization for fundraisers.

Southern African Grantmakers' Association
The Southern African Grantmakers' Association is located in Braamfontein, South Africa.


Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector
The Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector, located in London, is an organization for researchers who study non-profit activity in the United Kingdom.

Charities Aid Foundation: CharityNet
Created by the Charities Aid Foundation, a non-profit organization in Kent, England, this Web site provides information on philanthropy in the United Kingdom and abroad and a directory of more than 90,000 charities, including links to those groups that operate World-Wide Web sites.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales
Maintained by the government agency that monitors non-profit organizations in England and Wales, this Web site includes a database of more than 180,000 charities that have registered with the commission.

Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers
The Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers, in London, is a professional organization for fundraisers in the United Kingdom.

IT Resource Guide for UK Charities
and Non-Profit Organisations

Developed by Ivan Wainewright, a non-profit technology consultant in London, this Web site features a directory of companies that provide software, hardware, and technology services to charities in the United Kingdom. The site also offers articles on technology issues.

National Centre for Volunteering
Maintained by the National Centre for Volunteering, a non-profit organization in Great Britain that promotes volunteerism and provides training and information to coordinators of volunteers, this Web site provides information about volunteering in Great Britain -- including the results of the 1997 National Survey of Volunteering and reports on young people and people over the age of 50 who volunteer. The site also includes the tables of contents of the center's monthly Volunteering magazine and the Institute for Volunteering Research's academic journal, Voluntary Action.

UK Fundraising
Run by Howard Lake, a fund-raising consultant in Great Britain, this Web site provides news and links to World-Wide Web sites of interest to fund raisers in the United Kingdom, including examples of how charities in Europe and North America are using the Internet to seek donations.