Technical and Management Team



Charlie Sun
Director of Development
575 8th Avenue
11th floor
New York, NY 10018
  - Doctoral Program in Computer Science, Company
- Computer and Information Science University of assachusetts
- Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Snapshot of Relevant Experience

2 Years      Work Within Non-Profit/Non-Commercial Sector
12 Years    Policy Analysis and Development
4 Years      Business Operations
6 Years      Internet Industry Experience


New York, NY

Director of Development, Registry Advantage

Responsible for software architecture and project management for the Registry Advantage development team. Create software design documents, schedule projects, develop testing plans, and mentor less experienced developers. Major projects include:

  • Implement an EPP-06/04 server allowing customers to create, modify, and delete domain names using an IETF standard protocol.
  • Enhance the Whois service to allow the inclusion of additional fields on a TLD-by-TLD basis.
  • Optimize the performance of the database as well as improve updates between the database and individual applications.
  • Create registrar toolkits that provide clients with sample code, software libraries, and the necessary documentation to effectively connect to the registry’s EPP interface.


Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Clark, NJ

Senior Consultant
Participated in TeleManagement Forum's NE3IS (NGOSS for Enabling End-to-End IP Services) project to design and implement a framework that allows IP service Providers to provide managed IP services.
Responsible for

  • Designed and implemented the Interaction Manager and the Environment Monitor to provide the Registration Services and Trading Services, such as Component Plug/Unplug, Component Activate/Inactivate, Contract Import/Export.
  • Participated in an ADC's OSS integration project to provide order fulfillment and service provisioning for DSL service providers.
    Responsible for
  • Designed and developed an LSR (Local Service Request) server for generating Loop Service LSR orders that comply the business rules for BellAtlantic, BellSouth and GTE.
  • Designed and implemented a GUI utility allows the user to manipulate LSR related information.
  • Analyzed the data model of the Product & Service Catalog subsystem and IP Management subsystem, implemented utilities for migrating/converting data from Microsoft SQL Server & Microsoft Access databases into Oracle databases.

Participated in AT&T BLISS (Business Local Integrated Support System) project to implement an OSS for local service ordering and provisioning.
Responsible for

  • Impact analysis and high-level design for new requirements, detail design review, code review, and test plan review, investigate and resolve production issues.
  • Designed and implemented Automatic Test Case Generator utilities for populating test cases into the database, extracting results from the database, and backup orders/results into text files.


Moxa Tech USA
New York, NY
1996 - 1999

Co-founder, Director of Customer Support
Established a branch office in New York, responsible for business operations and customer support.

  • Setup Internet servers for the company to provide FTP, HTTP, DNS, POP3 and SMTP services.
  • Designed/developed a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server for UNIX/Linux systems. This server worked with Remote Access Servers or another proxy RADIUS server for authenticating dial-up access.


Stamford, CT

Lead Software Engineer
Participated in the Multimedia Broadcast System project to implement a system for broadcasting multimedia publications via satellites.
Responsible for

  • Designed Receiver Authentication Protocol for delivering authentication codes and encryption keys to authorized receivers.
  • Designed/implemented a Multimedia Viewer for launching associated applications to display/play multimedia files.
  • Designed/implemented a Broadcast Scheduler for automatic broadcasting.
  • Designed/implemented API/device driver for Moxa Tech's synchronous V.35/RS-422 board.


Moxa Technologies
Taipei, Taiwan
1987 - 1990

Co-founder and Director of Software Development
Participated in a government-sponsored project, lead by the Institute for Information Industry, to design/develop a Chinese UNIX Workstation that support wide-character input and output.
Responsible for

  • Modified X-Server to support various SVGA boards for high-resolution display.
  • Modified console device driver for displaying Chinese characters.
  • Designed/implemented a front-end Chinese Input/Output Module.
  • Participated in product design, lead software development.
    Responsible for
  • Designed/developed a diskless workstation for processing/displaying real-time stock transactions from Taiwan Stock Exchange Center.
  • Designed/developed XENIX/UNIX device driver and firmware for an asynchronous multiplexer for expanding the number of serial ports on an IBM PC.
  • Designed/developed a MS DOS device driver for a Group III fax board for supporting CCITT Recommendation T.4, T.30 protocols.

Taipei, Taiwan
1986 - 1987

Software Engineer

  • Designed hardware devices for software protection. These devices connected to the keyboard, serial ports, or parallel ports, each device has a non-volatile memory for storing information of the protected software.
  • Designed/developed a utility to allow the software vendor to manipulate the data in the devices.
  • Designed/developed a utility, similar to virus, to wrap the protected software such that the new executable codes can verify the authorization information stored in the device when they are executed.
  • Designed/developed an Intelligent Uninterrupted Power System. This system worked with UPS to shutdown computers before the UPS run out of power when power failure occurred. The UPS has an interface connected to a serial port of an IBM PC; it will send a signal to the PC when power failed.